Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby takes aim at Netflix CEO over Dave Chappelle series

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has spoken out strongly against Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos after being referenced in his memo defending Dave Chappelle.

“Adults can watch violence, assault and abuse — or enjoy shocking stand-up comedy — without it causing them to harm others,” Sarandos had said in a staff memo on Wednesday, as revealed by Variety.

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“We are working hard to ensure marginalized communities aren’t defined by a single story. So we have Sex Education, Orange is the New Black, Control Z, Hannah Gadsby and Dave Chappelle all on Netflix. Key to this is increasing diversity on the content team itself.”

Gadsby, whose Nanette and Douglas are on Netflix, posted on Instagram on Friday, addressing the Netflix chief directly.

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“Hey, Ted Sarandos! Just a quick note to let you know that I would prefer if you didn’t drag my name into your mess,” Gadsby wrote. “Now I have to deal with even more of the hate and anger that Dave Chappelle’s fans like to unleash on me every time Dave gets 20 million dollars to process his emotionally stunted partial word view.”

“You didn’t pay me nearly enough to deal with the real-world consequences of the hate speech dog-whistling you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F— you and your amoral algorithm cult… I do sh–ts with more backbone than you. That’s just a joke! I definitely didn’t cross a line because there isn’t one.”

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In 2019, when Netflix acquired Douglas Gadsby had said: “There will be places in the world that I won’t be able to visit, so it’s wonderful that Netflix will bring the show to every corner of the globe.”

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Cher sues ex-husband Sonny Bono’s widow for $1.3 million in fight for 1960s song rights and royalties

Cher is suing ex-husband Sonny Bono’s widow Mary for US$1 million (approx. $1.3 million).

The 75-year-old songstress filed a complaint against the 59-year-old politician earlier this week, with the complaint alleging the rights and royalties from songs Cher and Sonny recorded together — such as ‘I Got You Babe’ and ‘The Beat Goes On’ — are being withheld from her.

Cher claims Mary has “undone” her ownership of the rights and royalties of Sonny & Cher in the lawsuit, 50 per cent of which Cher says she is entitled to as part of her divorce agreement with Sonny in 1978.

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Per People, the complaint claims that while Sonny & Cher’s division of rights and royalties was smooth after Sonny’s death in 1998 following a skiing accident, Mary allegedly tried to use a “wholly inapplicable statutory termination provision of the Copyright Act of 1976” to entirely end Cher’s rights.

The lawsuit, therefore, is an attempt by Cher to not only recoup royalties allegedly withheld from her, but also aims to prevent any future attempts to terminate her stake.

The lawsuit also says that in 2016, Wixen Music Publishing and Sonny’s heirs “issued a notice of termination to various music publishers or other companies to whom Sonny had granted a transfer or license of the renewal copyrights, or rights under them, in the musical compositions.”

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Cher claims the notice was issued without her participation or knowledge, and that the notice’s effective dates spanned 2018 to 2026.

Per the complaint, the Bono Collection Trust told representatives of Cher last month the termination notice would terminate “the stream of composition royalties” assigned to Sonny by Cher in 1978.

Cher would no longer have, under the termination, “approval rights with respect to all agreements with third parties respecting the musical compositions and composition royalties; no longer is entitled to direct payment of 50 per cent of record royalties directly from record companies [and] no longer is entitled to object to administration fees in excess of ten percent.”

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Sonny and Cher were married from 1964 until 1978, throughout which they performed together under the name Sonny & Cher and made their CBS variety show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour together.

Sonny married Mary, a Republican politician, in 1986, and the duo were married from then until his death.

Mary’s attorney said in a statement that the Bono family’s rights and royalty actions are within the law.

“The Copyright Act allows Sonny’s widow and children to reclaim Sonny’s copyrights from publishers, which is what they did,” attorney Daniel Schacht said in a statement to AP.

“Representative Bono remains open to continuing a private discussion about this, but we are confident that, if necessary, the court will affirm their position.”

Per People, a representative for Cher had no comment and Cher’s lawyers did not immediately respond to the publication’s request for comment.

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The cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer TV remake hope to make original stars proud

Some of the cast members on the new I Know What You Did Last Summer TV remake weren’t even born when the original came out, but still have the utmost respect for the franchise and its stars.

Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore and Sebastian Amoruso lead the way in the Amazon Prime Video series that premieres on October 15. 

Just like in the 1997 iconic film, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe, the new cast is stalked by a brutal killer who threatens to reveal the fatal hit-and-run the teenagers tried to cover up on graduation night. 

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“It’s so much pressure but we want them to be happy with this, and getting their blessing is the greatest thing in the world,” Iseman tells 9Honey Celebrity via Zoom. “So I hope they like it and hope they really enjoy it.”

Tju says she is honoured to be part of the remake as she watched other ’90s horror films, such as Scream, while growing up. 

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“I Know What You Did Last Summer is also a [producer] Kevin Williamson project, so it’s in the same vein, in the same genre,” she tells us. “I love them and to be able to be a part of a remake of one of them is such an honour — it’s really fun. 

“What I love about the specific genre — this ’90s horror genre — is you can laugh while being scared. And it’s dynamic in terms of the array of emotions you’re able to feel while watching it.”

Iseman laughs that she was only one year old when the film came out, but she has watched it since and is happy the series has the same heart as the original.

“I’ve always been a horror movie scary movie fan ever since I was a little girl. I love watching all the classics, all the iconics,” she reveals. “I still love that our show very much carries the same charm that they had in the very beginning but also was able to reinvent it and make it something newer for a new audience. But it still has enough of the old charm that people will come back and love it.”

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There’s no denying the cast felt the pressure when taking on the juggernaut franchise that consisted of three films, Goodman tells 9Honey Celebrity. 

“I think the knowledge of the tradition we’re taking part in is always there. And at the same time, you want to be able to let that go and be as free as possible to do your best work on a new project,” he says.

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And the new cast did a great job. Each character is layered and flawed and therefore will keep viewers guessing as to who the killer is in the small town.

“We’re definitely given a great baseline from the original. And our stories very much start the same way. With the car crash and the cover-up,” Iseman says. “But it really is our characters and their stories and their secrets that really drive the series episode after episode. It’s the fact that no one is innocent and everyone is guilty of something. Every episode there are more and more secrets that get revealed, and then it all kind of makes sense in the end.”

I Know What You Did Last Summer premieres on Amazon Prime Video on October 15. 

Adele makes music comeback with new single ‘Easy On Me’

British songstress Adele made her highly-anticipated music comeback on Friday, releasing her first new record since her 2015 Grammy award-winning album 25.

The 33-year-old, known for her ballads about break-ups and regrets, had teased the new single ‘Easy On Me’ last week with a short video clip. The song is the first to be released from her upcoming fourth album 30, out in November.

The music video, which starts with Adele leaving a house with “For Sale” and “Sold” signs on it, is a showcase for the emotional power ballad about recovering and learning lessons after disappointment in love.

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Adele sings as she drives, her memories and songsheets swirling around her, and the video breaks into warm colour after beginning in black-and-white.

On Wednesday, Adele told fans she was “finally” ready to release 30, which she described as her “ride or die throughout the most turbulent period of my life”.

“I was certainly nowhere near where I’d hoped to be when I first started it nearly 3 years ago,” she said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Quite the opposite actually. I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I always have. And yet there I was knowingly — willingly even, throwing myself into a maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil.”

In interviews with fashion magazines Vogue and British Vogue, Adele, who has named her albums after milestone ages in her life, said she had written 30 to explain her divorce to her young son, Angelo. Adele split from charity executive Simon Konecki in 2019.

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“I’ve learned a lot of blistering home truths about myself along the way. I’ve shed many layers but also wrapped myself in new ones,” she said on Twitter.

Known for hits like ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Hello’, Adele is one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time, storming charts around the world and winning 15 Grammys as well as an Oscar for James Bond movie theme song ‘Skyfall’.

Earlier this month, fans had speculated new music from Adele was imminent after mysterious 30 signs appeared on buildings around the world.

“When she releases music, not only does it generate a lot of sales around her work, but it acts as a halo towards British music… it gets people into stores, buying online, streaming as well,” said Gennaro Castaldo, spokesperson for record labels association BPI.

“It gets the media very excited … She’s one of the few kind of global superstars that can actually achieve that sort of impact.”

Reporting by Marie-Louise Gumuchian; Additional reporting by Mindy Burrows; Editing by Karishma Singh and Rosalba O’Brien.

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R&B singer Emani 22 dies aged 22 following ‘tragic accident’

R&B star Emani 22 has died aged just 22 following a “tragic accident”

The singer, who was best known for hits such as ‘Feelings’ and ‘Close’, passed away on Monday, with her manager confirming the sad news to People

“It is with heavy hearts that the family of Emani has confirmed her passing,” the manager’s statement read. “They would like to share that although she fought courageously and the medical team went above and beyond doing everything in their power to aid in her recovery, on Monday, October 11th, Emani succumbed to the injuries she sustained after a tragic accident. At this time, Emani’s family is asking for privacy to mourn and honor her life and memories.”

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In another statement to People, record producer J Maine expressed his sorrow upon hearing the news. 

“Emani 22 was a wonderful individual that literally brightened up any room she was in,” he said of the singer, whose real name was Emani Johnson. “I worked on music with her, and helped her put together her last project which was ‘The Color Red’ … It hurts so bad to know that the last time I saw her was the last time I’d ever see her again.”

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Rapper Bhad Bhabie also paid tribute, sharing a throwback photo of the pair on Instagram. 

“I don’t even know what to say…This doesn’t even feel real,” she wrote. “I used to spend almost everyday with you. You taught me so many things. You are my inspiration for many things (hair,nails, style, etc) my big sister 😔. I’m gonna miss you so much.”

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Daniel Craig says he goes to gay bars to avoid getting into fights: ‘A safe place to be’

Daniel Craig has revealed the interesting reason why he prefers going to gay bars on a night out.

During a recent chat with Bruce Bozzi on SiriusXM’s Lunch With Bruce podcast, the 53-year-old James Bond star said he’s less likely to find himself in a fight with “aggressive” straight men.

“I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember,” Craig, who has been married to Rachel Weisz since 2011, said. “One of the reasons [is] because I don’t get into fights in gay bars that often.

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“Because the aggressive d–k swinging in hetero bars, I just got very sick of it as a kid because it’s like I don’t want to end up being in a punch-up. And I did. That would happen quite a lot.

“I didn’t want to end up being in a punch-up. And I did, that would happen quite a lot.”

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The 007 star went on to say a gay bar is “a good place to go.”

“Everybody was chill … you didn’t really have to state your sexuality, and it was a very safe place to be. And I could meet girls there, ’cause there are a lot of girls there for exactly the same reason I was there. It was kind of an ulterior motive.”

Craig’s comments came after he and Bozzi reflected on a time they went to a gay bar in Venice, California back in 2010. The pair were photographed embracing outside the venue, which caused speculation surrounding Craig’s sexuality.

“We kind of got caught, I suppose, which was kind of weird, ’cause we were doing nothing f—ing wrong,” Craig explained. “What happened is we were having a nice night and I kind of was talking to you about my life when my life was changing and we got drunk and I was like, ‘Oh, f–k, let’s just go to a bar, come on, let’s f—ing go out.’

“We got busted for doing nothing wrong. And I just was like, ‘I don’t give a f–k.'”

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Former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy reveals eating disorder ordeal was triggered by abusive mother

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy has reflected on her painful battle with anorexia and bulimia, which she said was triggered by her mother.

McCurdy — best known for her role in popular children’s series iCarly and its spinoff Sam and Cat — opened up about the physical and emotional abuse she said she suffered at the hands of her late mum Debbie, who taught her how to count calories at age 11.    

“I was a mess for a long time,” the actress told People magazine in a new interview. “But I no longer think about food in an obsessive way. And I once didn’t believe that was ever possible.”

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The 29-year-old said when she was younger Debbie placed her on 1000 calories (approx. 4184kJ) a day, with the child star often eating even fewer as she “wanted [her] mum to be proud”.

By the time McCurdy was cast as Sam Puckett on iCarly in 2007, she had developed anorexia.

“My mum said she could teach me calorie-counting and we could be a team, but that I had to keep it secret,” she said. “I thought it was an opportunity for my mum and me to be closer. I don’t think I even realised how intense it was. But I’m sure everybody [on set] just attributed [the weight loss] to normal body fluctuations.”

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When the star was 18, Debbie was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and passed away in 2013. This caused McCurdy to develop another dangerous habit. 

“Bulimia took over my life very quickly,” she shared. “The cycle of bulimia kept me numb. It was a full-time job, so there was no space to deal with my issues or mourning my mom.”

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It was her brush with death that acted as a wake-up call for the young star.

“I passed out in my friend [iCarly co-star Miranda Cosgrove]’s bathroom,” she revealed. “That terrifies me because I could have died, choking on my own vomit. I realised that destroying myself wasn’t going to help anything. I needed better tools.”

The star then sought treatment with two years of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, during which she also learned to forgive mum.

“Food was my coping mechanism,” she said. “I haven’t binged or purged or restricted in years. And I feel very deeply and very strongly about saying I’ve finally recovered.”

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with an eating disorder, you can find help, support and resources through The Butterfly Foundation: 1800 33 4673.

Jonah Hill asks fans not to comment on his body, but Sharon Stone does anyway

Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill wants the world to know his body is not an appropriate talking point.

The 37-year-old star, best known for his comedic performances in movies including The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 Jump Street and Superbad, took to his verified Instagram page on Wednesday to inform fans it “doesn’t feel good” to read comments about his body.

“I know you mean well but I kindly ask that you not comment on my body,” he wrote to his 3.1 million followers. “Good or bad I want to politely let you know it’s not helpful and doesn’t feel good. Much respect.”

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Hill has previously written about being body-shamed and his latest post prompted an outpouring of support from fellow celebrities and fans, with many applauding him for trying to set boundaries.

Hill’s sister, actress Beanie Feldstein, praised her sibling for the post, sharing applause emojis.

Singer SZA replied: “Absolutely love you. Thank you!!”

Meanwhile, Sharon Stone appeared to miss the “good or bad” mark in Hill’s request, commenting on his post, “can i say you look good cuz u do,” with a fire emoji.

Hundreds of fans came to Hill’s defence with replies to the Basic Instinct star, including “read the room” and “he literally just said not to.”

Hill’s public plea comes months after the A-lister opened up about his struggles with body image in an Instagram post, revealing he was finally learning self-acceptance in his mid-30s.

In February, he shared a screenshot of a Daily Mail article, which featured pictures of him changing out of his wetsuit after surfing in Malibu, California.

“I don’t think I ever took my shirt off in a pool until I was in my mid 30s even in front of family and friends,” he wrote at the time.

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“Probably would have happened sooner if my childhood insecurities weren’t exacerbated by years of public mockery about my body by press and interviewers.”

He continued: “So the idea that the media tries to play me by stalking me while surfing and printing photos like this and it can’t phase me anymore is dope. I’m 37 and finally love and accept myself.”

In August, Hill unveiled a new tattoo that celebrated his dedication to body positivity and self-love.

The new ink located on his back reads, “Body Love,” and includes a drawing that looks similar to the logo for Body Glove, the water sports apparel company.

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Clueless star Stacey Dash reveals secret drug addiction: ‘Taking 18 to 20 pills a day’

Actress Stacey Dash has opened up for the first time about a secret pill addiction she’s hidden for more than a decade.

In a candid sit-down on The Dr. Oz Show, the Clueless star revealed she was once taking “18 to 20 pills a day” of the prescription painkiller Vicodin. As a result, the 54-year-old said she “lost everything” because she was spending between US$5,000 to US$10,000 (approx. $6000 to $13,000) per month on drugs.

“That’s what stopped me. I almost died,” she recalled. “My kidneys were so infected that my blood was septic, and my organs were shutting down. So I got rushed to the hospital and I had to have a full blood transfusion and I was in there for three weeks. And by the grace and mercy of god, I lived.”

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In the interview, Dash said she was molested when she was four years old and she first tried drugs at eight. Then at the age of 16, her mother, who Dash said was also an addict, gave her her first line of cocaine.

“I was a very angry, angry teenager. I became angry at I’d say around the age of 10 or 11, which is when my mother finally left my father,” the actress explained. “Even though my home was unstable and my father was a heroin addict, I knew he loved me. He just couldn’t beat it. He couldn’t overcome the addiction.”

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Now Dash has proudly revealed she has been sober for five years.

“And in this five years, my blessing — the greatest blessing — is that not only have I been able to be honest with myself and become a better person, I’ve been able to understand my parents and that they did love me and that they were doing the best they could and they were just sick. They were addicted,” she said.

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In a separate Facebook post ahead of the episode, Dash reflected on her decision to open up about her “deepest, darkest secret”.

“I thank the Lord for being able to say that I have grown more over the last 5 years than I have in my entire life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved and supported me through my most challenging time,” she wrote.

“Thank you all! I encourage anyone who has a story they are scared of telling to share it with the world. You never know who will be able to relate to you and who it can help.”

If you, or someone you know, would like to talk to someone confidentially about addiction, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit Reach Out. In an emergency, call 000.

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Travis rocker Fran Healy ‘mauled’ by sausage dog he tried to save from car crash

Fran Healy from Scottish rock band Travis has revealed he was bizarrely mauled by a sausage dog in Los Angeles.

Recounting the incident on Twitter, the 48-year-old said he was trying to save the dachshund from being caught in a car-crash pile-up when it apparently turned on him.

“I was driving down my hill and as I rounded a corner there were 3 cars jackknifed and from the middle of the chaos ran a daschund,” Healy tweeted. “So I jumped out and chased it up the hill. Cars bomb down our hill and it would have been toast. So I tried to pick it up and it mauled the s–t out my left hand.”

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The Scottish singer — whose band is known for their chart-topper ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ — also shared photos of his injured hand, which featured a bloody gash on his middle finger.

“I held on, hoping to chuck it into our porch but then I slipped and it bolted off, leaving me pishing blood all over the shop. So much blood,” Healy shared.

“Then all the neighbors came out and one of them called an ambulance. I ran into the house and poured alcohol over the wounds… then I came out but it wasn’t an ambulance… it was a massive fire engine.”

Healy said “5 Calvin Klein models” then emerged from the fire truck to help him but by that time, he was “pishing blood” and needed immediate attention.

He was able to drive himself to the nearby Urgent Care clinic, where they cleaned him up but and “patched up” and his “bloody sore” finger. 

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And in case you were wondering, the rocker revealed “the dog… is fine. Was cornered at the bottom of the hill and the owner, who lives in Stevie Nicks old house (pop pickers), was reunited.” 

For now, Healy is bandaged up and recovering at his LA home.

“Maybe shouldn’t play the guitar for a couple of weeks… or maybe should,” he concluded.

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Zelda Williams wants people to stop sending Robin Williams impersonation video to her

The daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams is aware of the viral video of an impersonation of her father and doesn’t want to see it anymore.

On Tuesday, actor Jamie Costa posted a five-minute video on his YouTube channel in which he acts out a scene of him as Williams learning from his Mork & Mindy costar Pam Dawber (played by Sarah Murphree) of the death of his friend comic John Belushi.

The clip, titled ROBIN Test Footage Scene, had many clamouring for a film with Costa starring as Williams, who died by suicide in 2014 after battling Lewy body dementia.

Zelda Williams tweeted Tuesday “Guys, I’m only saying this because I don’t think it’ll stop until I acknowledge it… please, stop sending me the ‘test footage’.”

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“I’ve seen it,” the tweet read. “Jamie is SUPER talented, this isn’t against him, but y’all spamming me an impression of my late Dad on one of his saddest days is weird.”

In 2014, she quit Twitter and Instagram for some time after she was trolled in the wake of her father’s death, which caused Twitter to revisit its user-protection policies.

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Ravil Isyanov, actor in The Americans and NCIS: Los Angeles, dies at 59

Ravil Isyanov, a film, television and voice actor who had worked in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, died on September 29 after a long illness. He was 59.

Isyanov’s death was confirmed to Variety by his longtime agent Tanya Kleckner.

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“He was a true gentleman and worked up until [his] passing. I’ve worked with him for 20 years and we became firm friends,” Kleckner wrote. “He will be sorely missed. We are all heartbroken by this tragic loss, a beautiful soul gone way too soon.”

Isyanov was born in 1962 in the city of Voskresensk in the Soviet Union. After completing two years in the Soviet Air Force, Ravil worked at the Khabarovsk Theatre before studying at the Moscow Art Theatre School and the Oxford branch of the British American Drama Academy. In 1998, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screen acting, where he worked and lived for the rest of his life.

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Isyanov’s more recent credits included recurring roles on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles, Glow and TNT’s The Last Ship, as well as a role in Season 5 of FX’s The Americans. Isyanov also appeared in many feature films, with his credits including Defiance, K-19: The Widowmaker, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Holes and Along Came a Spider. The actor had accumulated more than 70 credits over the course of his career.

Isyanov’s final work can be seen in the upcoming Elsie Fisher-starring 25 Cents Per Minute and Blonde, director Andrew Dominik’s new film starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Isyanov plays Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch director Billy Wilder in the biopic.

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Dionne Warwick is not a fan of upcoming Whitney Houston biopic

Dionne Warwick is not on board with the forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic.

Warwick, who is a cousin of the late singer who died in 2012 at the age of 48 after an accidental drowning, told the Los Angeles Times “I want them to let Whitney rest in peace.”

“Leave her alone,” Warwick said.

“Ten years [since she died] — it’s time to let her sleep.”

I Wanna Dance with Somebody, is set to star British actress Naomi Ackie as Houston and Ashton Sanders as singer Bobby Brown, who was married to Houston from 1992 to 2007.

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Kasi Lemmons is directing the film from a screenplay by Bohemian Rhapsody writer Anthony McCarten. I Wanna Dance With Somebody is slated to release in late November 2022.

The film has been approved by Houston’s estate, is being produced by her mentor Clive Davis who signed her to Arista Records.

“Naomi Ackie’s screen test was so powerful, it sent shivers up my spine,” Davis said.

“Although Whitney’s incomparable vocals are used for all the songs, Naomi’s extraordinary acting range enables her to masterfully capture Whitney’s unique charm, star power and, of course, her personal struggles. Naomi is the real deal and I can’t imagine a better choice for this iconic role.”

Pat Houston, who is producing on behalf of Whitney Houston’s estate, added, “All Whitney fans have an appetite for perfection when it comes to Whitney and her Legacy. To transform someone into a matchless Icon is virtually impossible but with careful consideration Naomi Ackie was selected based on her quality performances and her deep commitment to emerging into the woman that we all loved. We look forward to taking this journey with her.”

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Letitia Wright denies sharing anti-vax views on set of Black Panther 2: ‘Completely untrue’

Letitia Wright has denied reports that she touted an anti-vaccine position while working on the set of Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, calling them “completely untrue.”

Wright confronted the allegations in an Instagram post on Tuesday, disputing an article published by the Hollywood Reporter on October 6.

The report states that Wright had shared “[anti-vax] views about the COVID-19 vaccines on the Atlanta production” of the Marvel sequel, citing a source on the film’s set.

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“The report spoke about my conduct on the set of ‘Black Panther 2.’ I honestly assert that this was completely untrue,” the actress wrote. “Anyone who knows me or has worked with me, knows that I work incredibly hard at my craft & my main focus is always to do work that’s impactful and inspiring. That has been & will continue to be my only focus.”

The actress did not directly address her own COVID-19 vaccination status or her current position on the COVID-19 vaccine in the post.

Representatives for Wright did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment.

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Wright has shared anti-vaccine sentiments on social media before. Last December, the “Black Panther” star deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after receiving backlash for sharing a video that contained scepticism about the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Wright responded to the wave of criticism a day later, writing, “my intention was not to hurt anyone, my ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies…Nothing else.”

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Khloé Kardashian confesses to years of fad diets and an ‘unhealthy relationship with food’

Khloé Kardashian has made a heartbreaking admission about dieting in a new interview with Health magazine.

Speaking freely and candidly, the 37-year-old revealed she endured years of fad diets, trying “every diet under the sun” in an effort to lose weight. 

“Remember when Beyoncé did that lemon juice and cayenne pepper thing? I was like, sign me up! That’s why I yo-yoed my entire life — I was always chasing some fad,” she shared in the November issue.

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“I’ve actually always had a really unhealthy relationship with food,” she added. “When I was younger and was sad, I would eat — I was an emotional eater. And then I hated the way I felt after that. I was almost punishing myself for bingeing or having a bag of chips — it just became so much thought.” 

It wasn’t until 2015 that the mum-of-one stopped relying on short-term fad diets and committed to a workout routine. In turn, she has since lost 18kg. 

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“It’s about practising healthy habits on a daily basis,” she said. “I have to think of it as a lifestyle rather than thinking I want to try this diet or some other thing someone was talking about. I’m so over that stage in my life.”

But that doesn’t mean she only eats healthily now. She still allows herself the occasional cheat meal.

Now Kardashian lives a more balanced life — and knows when to celebrate.

“I worked so hard in the gym for this,” she wrote on Instagram as she posted her Health magazine. “And I celebrated with pizza (my weakness) right afterwards 😋.”

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with an eating disorder, you can find help, support and resources through The Butterfly Foundation: 1800 33 4673

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