Screaming woman removed from Cannes red carpet after crashing Aussie director George Miller’s movie premiere

A woman was removed from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet during the world premiere of George Miller‘s Three Thousand Years of Longing.

The premiere marks the Australian director’s return to screens seven years after Mad Max: Fury Road but was briefly overshadowed by the gatecrasher.

The unidentified woman tore off her clothes during the film’s red carpet procession to reveal the message “Stop raping us” written across her torso next to the blue and yellow colors of the Ukraine flag. Red was also painted on her legs and groin.

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While she yelled “Don’t rape us!” security quickly encircled her, covered up the woman in a coat and took her off the red carpet.

The woman also had the word “scum” written on her lower back.

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Representatives for the festival didn’t immediately comment.

The incident occurred on the red carpet outside the Cannes’ Palais theater for Three Thousand Years of Longing, Miller’s first directorial effort since dazzling the film industry with Mad Max: Fury Road, back in 2015.

The film stars Tilda Swinton as a scholar who encounters a magical Djinn (Idris Elba) while in a hotel room in Istanbul and learns of his fantastical past while contemplating the three wishes she can make in his presence.

Miller, Swinton and Elba appeared on the Cannes red carpet after the woman was already removed.

Getting into Cannes’ Palais theater requires multiple security checks.

Guards are positioned outside of the carpet at stations that require attendees to walk through a metal detector.

Once an attendee gets through that check point, they meet more guards at the start of the carpet that direct them when they are allowed to enter the theater. The red carpet itself is lined with security.

– Reported with Variety and Associated Press

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What happened to Bec Hewitt?

Bec Hewitt – neé Bec Cartwright – was one of the biggest Aussie soap stars of the ’00s.

She had it all. Seven years on Home and Away, a handful of Logies and a self-titled debut album with hit singles like ‘All Seats Taken’ and ‘On The Borderline’.

Then came her fairytale romance: in 2004 she started dating tennis star Lleyton Hewitt soon after breaking up with her co-star and fiancé Beau Brady. It was a whirlwind relationship, which led to her having three beautiful kids … and stepping out of the spotlight.

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So where did Bec go, and what’s she been up to in the 17 years since she left our favourite beachside soap opera?

What happened to Bec Hewitt?

Bec Hewitt was, of course, best known for playing Hayley on Home and Away from 1998 to 2005. Despite her long tenure on the show, she didn’t go onto other projects after leaving Summer Bay.

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Bec left Home and Away when she fell pregnant with her first child, shortly after marrying tennis great Lleyton Hewitt. She left her acting career behind to raise her kids: Mia, Cruz and Ava, who are now 15, 13 and 11.

The family laid low for a decade and even moved to the Bahamas for seven years for Lleyton’s work.

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But in 2018, Bec announced she’d be returning to our screens. She popped up as a host on the travel show Helloworld alongside Ray Martin, Denis Walter, Vince Sorrenti and Sonia Kruger. After three seasons, it was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and never returned.

Then in 2021, she re-appeared on Aussie Dancing With The Stars – after winning the show’s first season way back in 2004.

Speaking to News Corp in 2018, Bec admitted she never decided to retire from acting.

“It just naturally happened because, obviously, I wanted to be there with the kids. I don’t want to miss anything… I am with the kids all the time. Every minute of the day. And I love it,” she said.

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Last year, it was reported the Hewitt family moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, where they’re focusing on building a tennis career for 13-year-old Cruz, although varying reports from 2022 suggest the family may have moved back to eastern Sydney.

What does Bec Hewitt do now?

After a few TV stints in the past five years, Bec has gone back to mum mode. She doesn’t have any projects on the horizon (that we know of) and isn’t really active on Instagram or other social media.

She’s focusing on raising her kids and nurturing their talents – this won’t be the last we hear of the Hewitt family!

Are Bec and Lleyton Hewitt still together?

Bec and Lleyton have been married for 17 years, and are still going strong. They met when she was just 16 and he 18. She was on Home and Away, and was paired to play tennis against Lleyton in a charity match.

“I couldn’t play tennis, so it was quite comical,” she previously told Stellar. “I didn’t impress him with my game, he just thought it was really admirable that I gave it a go.”

At the time, Bec was dating her co-star Beau Brady, while Lleyton was with fellow tennis player, Belgian star Kim Clijsters. As a result, they didn’t see each other for about a year.

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“I sent him a text message to congratulate him on the year he won Wimbledon, and then I sent him another one to congratulate him on the US Open – I hadn’t even seen it, my parents told me about it, so I thought it’d be nice to send him a text,” Bec said in the same interview.

But they chatted back and forth, and when their respective relationships came to an end, he sent Bec a text asking to catch up.

“We decided to catch up and it went from there. And from the first time we saw each other [at that time], I think we saw each other every day,” Bec said.

Just six weeks after publicly dating, the pair decided to get engaged: “By the time of the Aussie Open we both knew we wanted to spend our lives together – and look at us now!”

What do Bec and Lleyton Hewitt’s kids look like?

You can’t have such superstar parents without also being insanely talented, right? Just ask the Hewitt kids!

Sixteen-year-old Mia is pursuing a career in fashion – in 2019, she was invited to the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week.

Cruz, now 13, is working his way up the youth tennis rankings, with whispers he could even be better than his dad.

Their youngest daughter, Ava, is now 11 and is a talented gymnast and dancer. She even did a solo performance on Dancing With The Stars last year when her mum was asked back as a contestant.

Now that Lleyton is retired and Bec is semi-retired from the spotlight, it seems both parents are just working hard to support their kids and give them the best life possible.

“I love her so much and we have a great life together, and she produced three fantastic kids,” Lleyton previously told the Herald Sun.

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Chris Brown seemingly congratulates ex Rihanna following birth of first child with rapper A$AP Rocky

Chris Brown has seemingly congratulated his ex-girlfriend Rihanna on the birth of her first baby.

The singer appeared to extend his good wishes to the first-time mum, who recently welcomed a son with her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky.

“Congratulations, Brown, 33, wrote on his Instagram Story, alongside a red heart, prayer hands and pregnant person emoji. 

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Although he did not mention Rihanna, 34, or Rocky, 33, by name, the message came soon after a report by TMZ confirmed the ‘Umbrella’ singer secretly gave birth in LA on May 13.

No further details on the birth were released and the proud new parents have yet to share the newborn’s name.

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While Brown appeared to extend an olive branch, it seems Rocky – real name Rakim Mayers – may not want it.

Last month, Rocky released his new single ‘D.M.B.’ in which he seemed to call out Brown for famously assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna after a pre-Grammys event in 2009. 

In the track, Rocky gushes over his lady – who stars music video – before throwing an apparent dig at Brown: “I don’t beat my b—h, I need my b—h.”

Brown was later arrested and pleaded guilty to felony assault. He was sentenced to community service and ordered to attend anger management classes.

The altercation caused the couple to split in 2009 after one year of dating. They briefly got back together in 2012 before calling off their relationship for good in 2013. Despite everything that has transpired between them, they remained friends. 

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In a 2020 appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast, Rihanna admitted she and Brown have slowly rebuilt their friendship. 

“We’ve been working on our friendship again,” she said. “Now we’re very, very close friends. We’ve built up a trust again … We love each other and we probably always will. And that’s not something we’re ever going to change. That’s not something you can shut off, if you’ve ever been in love.

“I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love. And I see that he loved me the same way … it’s not even about us being together. I truly love him,” she added. “So the main thing for me is that he is at peace. I’m not at peace if he’s a little unhappy, or he’s still lonely.”

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Brown is indeed in a good place. Last month, he announced he and ex-girlfriend Diamond Brown welcomed their first child together back in April: a daughter named Lovely Symphani, now four months.

The singer also shares seven-year-old daughter Royalty with former fling Nia Guzman and son Aeko, two, with ex Ammika Harris.

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Key moments in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are suing each other for defamation, each claiming they were abused before and during their roughly two-year marriage.

A Virginia jury is hearing the case, which is expected to run through late May.

Below are key moments in the trial so far:

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Depp testified that he never hit Heard or any other woman

He said she was the one who became abusive and “bullied” him with “demeaning name calling.”

“If I stayed to argue, eventually, I was sure it was going to escalate into violence, and oftentimes it did.”

The pair offered differing accounts of an early 2015 argument in Australia, where Depp was filming a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Depp said Heard threw a vodka bottle that severed the top of his right middle finger. The actor said he went into shock and wrote messages to Heard on the wall using blood from the finger.

Heard sobbed as she told the jury that Depp sexually assaulted her that night by inserting a liquor bottle in her vagina.

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“I was scared,” she said. “I had just married him.”

A few months later, Heard said, Depp broke her nose and ripped out chunks of her hair during another violent encounter.

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Heard’s attorneys introduced photos that they said showed injuries after various arguments, including scars on her arm that were visible as she posed on a red carpet, and redness and swelling around an eye that she said was struck by a phone thrown by Depp.

A lawyer for Depp showed images from public appearances that they said were taken around the time of their fights and appeared to show no injuries, and suggested Heard edited photos to make the redness appear more pronounced. Heard said she never edited the photos.

Depp testified that feces were found in the couple’s bed in 2016

One of his security guards said Heard told him it was “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

Heard denied any involvement and suggested one of the couple’s dogs was responsible.

Heard’s lawyers introduced text messages in which Depp called Heard a “filthy w—e” and said he wanted her dead

Writing to actor Paul Bettany in 2013, Depp said: “Let’s drown her before we burn her” and “I will f–k her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead.”

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Kyle Sandilands and fiancée Tegan Kynaston surprise Jackie O and ask her to be their baby’s godmother

Kyle Sandilands and his fiancée Tegan Kynaston have asked Jackie ‘O ‘Henderson to be a part of their yet-to-be-born son’s journey through life.

In a sweet video shared by The Kyle & Jackie O Show via social media, the radio host, 50, and Kynaston, 36, surprised his work colleague after concluding their morning segment.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” Henderson said as she entered the studio filled with balloons and flowers.

The trio were all smiles as she received an array of gifts for the special surprise, including a bouquet of flowers, a framed picture of the baby’s sonogram and a Friends novelty mug that read: “The one where I become a godmother. Est. 2022.”

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Sandilands asks Henderson, 47, if she will “do us the honour of becoming officially the godmother?”

“Today, Kyle and Tegan asked Jackie to be baby Otto’s godmother… and she said yes!” the radio show’s account captioned the video.

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Sandilands and Kynaston announced they were expecting their first child, a baby boy, back in February. A month later, the couple revealed the unique name they are going to give their unborn son.

“I was thinking, because Kyle’s having a boy, in 20 years’ time, like, it’s the ‘Kitty and whatever-you’re-going-to-call-your-kid Show,'” Jackie O said at the time before Sandilands revealed his son’s name will be Otto.

“That’s what we’re going to call him,” he added.

“I don’t think it’s gone down too well with the family. Even Tegan’s mum goes, ‘Oh, there’s no need to rush into a name.’ And my Auntie Jill went, ‘What sort of stupid name is that?'”

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Baby Otto is due in August.

“I’m having a baby!” Sandilands said live on his show earlier this year.

Sandilands and Kynaston, who have been dating since 2019, hosted an extravagant gender reveal party on Sydney Harbour in the weeks following their pregnancy announcement. The soon-to-be parents hired a superyacht for the big day and the baby’s gender was announced by overflying planes which released copious amounts of blue smoke.

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Nina Dobrev and Shaun White make red carpet debut at her ex’s film premiere

Actress Nina Dobrev and former snowboarder Shaun White made their red carpet debut this week at the film premiere of the actress’ former boyfriend.

On Thursday, the glamourous couple stepped out for the British premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. The highly anticipated film stars Dobrev’s ex, Glen Powell.

Dobrev and White looked chic at the premiere, with the Vampire Diaries alum donning a white silk gown and a deep red lip. The Olympic gold medalist seemingly matched Dobrev in a white jacket and shirt, which he paired with black pants and shoes.

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Powell graced the red carpet separately and sported a sleek tuxedo.

According to ET, Dobrev and Powell were linked in 2017 and reportedly dated until they called things off that same year.

The actress then went on to date fellow actor Grant Mellon, with the duo ending things in 2019.

Dobrev and White reportedly began dating the following year in March 2020 and made their romance Instagram-official just two months later.

This year, the actress showed her support for the athlete through his final Olympics in Beijing.

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Following White’s final run at the Olympics on February 10, marking his retirement from professional snowboarding, Dobrev shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram declaring White “one of a kind”.

“I couldn’t be more proud. Of everything you have accomplished over the last 20 years as a competitor and the man you have become,” she captioned a series of photos, including one of them together in the snow.

“You are a true hero and you inspire me daily. The end of one chapter, means the beginning of an exciting new one with endless possibilities,” she continued.

“You will forever be the G.O.A.T. of snowboarding. Not to mention you are also the G.(B).O.A.T. = Greatest Boyfriend Of All Time.”

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Meanwhile, Powell is currently dating Gigi Paris – the duo made their relationship public in February 2020.

Along with his parents, Paris showed her support for Powell at the Top Gun premiere, posing for photos with him on the red carpet in a showstopping hot pink gown.

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Ed Sheeran welcomes second child with wife Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran is now a father of two!

The ‘Shape of You’ singer, 31, announced via social media that he and his wife Cherry Seaborn have welcomed another baby girl.

“Want to let you all know we’ve had another beautiful baby girl. We are both so in love with her, and over the moon to be a family of 4 x,” he wrote alongside a photo of a pair of white baby socks.

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Sheeran and Seaborn, 30, already share daughter Lyra Antarctica, whom they welcomed in 2020. At the time, they announced the birth of their baby girl with a similiar photo to above, but with a different coloured blanket and pair of socks.

“Ello! A quick message from me as I have some personal news that I wanted to share with you… Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter — Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran,” he wrote. “We are completely in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we are on cloud nine over here. We hope that you can respect our privacy at this time. Lots of love and I’ll see you when it’s time to come back, Ed x.”

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Sheeran’s announcement of his second child comes seven months after he and Lyra tested positive with COVID-19, meaning Seaborn was pregnant at the time.

“I’m self-isolating with my daughter. I have been alone with her, without my wife, since we are both positive. I am now going to spend 10 days alone with her,” Ed told The Daily Mail in October last year.

“Sometimes I am away and spend just two days a week with her, so being able to be with her for 10 straight days is great. I just spoke to Cherry and told her to relax, take long baths! Our fridge is full and we are just eating all the time.”

Sheeran and Seaborn tied the knot in January 2019 in an intimate ceremony after their engagement one year prior.

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“The wedding party was more a celebration of us and our friends. I didn’t want pictures getting out and I’m surprised they didn’t,” the ‘Lego House’ songwriter explained on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast.

“Everyone was very present. My friend Josh wore a triple denim suit and Stella McCartney had gone up to him and said she liked his suit, and he was quite pissed. She said, ‘I’m Stella,’ and he said, ‘What, like Stella f—ing McCartney?’ And she was like, ‘Well, yeah,'”

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General Hospital star Kelly Monaco’s house reportedly engulfed in fire caused by lit cigarette

Actress Kelly Monaco is lucky to be alive after her California home went up in flames reportedly sparked by a cigarette. 

According to TMZ, the home of the beloved General Hospital star was unknowingly torched by a passerby who tossed a lit cigarette butt into an empty lot next to her Sherman Oaks property.

The 45-year-old woke up to find fire raging in her front yard. And while she was able to get out safely, the flames quickly engulfed her house, leaving it severely destroyed.

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Security footage the actress supplied to authorities shows the fire was not intentionally set. However, arson officials were called to the scene and it is still an open investigation.

Monaco’s mother, Carmina, this week spoke to People magazine about the May 13 fire, telling the outlet she’s happy her daughter is safe.

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“The most important thing that had to get out of that house that night got out of that house that night, and it was her,” she said.

“Everything else, they’re just things; they can be replaced. Everyone is safe and OK. It could have been a bad day. She could have been hurt.” 

The worried mum said her daughter experienced “just some small irritation in her lungs from the smoke” but is otherwise well.

Monaco is, however, currently staying in an Airbnb as the “left side of the house is completely charred and destroyed”, said Carmina. 

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It’s believed it will at least be one month before the actress can return to other parts of her home, but rebuilding the fire-ravaged zones could take longer.

“Kelly is a real homebody, so this is very hard for her,” her mum told People. “She’s not someone who is out on the town every night, going to clubs or red carpets. She likes to go to work and come home to relax. She likes the security of being at home.”

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Monaco is well known for playing Sam McCall on General Hospital, a role she has played since 2003 and earned her two Daytime Emmy nominations.

She is also the first-ever celebrity to win Dancing with the Stars when it first launched in 2005. The actress returned to the talent show in 2012, where she placed third with partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

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Vangelis, Oscar-winning composer for Chariots of Fire, dies at 79

Vangelis, the electronic-music pioneer who won an Oscar for Chariots of Fire and composed such other landmark film scores as Blade Runner, died on Tuesday, the Athens News Agency reported. He was 79. Greek media reports say he died in a French hospital while being treated for COVID-19.

The self-taught musician enjoyed a long career in European pop music before the magical colors and textures of his 1970s solo albums brought him to the attention of film and TV producers.

The use of a track from his 1975 album Heaven and Hell as the theme for Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS series Cosmos brought his name and music into prominence in America.

But it was his music for the 1981 film Chariots of Fire that brought him worldwide fame. Producer David Puttnam made the unorthodox choice for his period sports drama after hearing Vangelis’s music for the French nature documentary Opera Sauvage and the studio album China.

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As he often did, Vangelis performed all of the instruments, including synthesiser, piano, drums and percussion. His memorable theme not only entranced moviegoers but the soundtrack reached no. 1 on the Billboard charts and was nominated for a Record of the Year Grammy.

He declined to attend the Academy Awards, where he won in March 1982.

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“They put a lot of pressure on me to go to America for the Oscar,” he told a British journalist at the time, “but I don’t like to be pushed, and especially for that. I hate the idea of competition.”

The Oscar for Chariots of Fire made him immediately bankable as a film composer. Ridley Scott hired him for his science-fiction film Blade Runner and Costa-Gavras engaged him for the Jack Lemmon drama Missing, both in 1982 and both nominated for BAFTA awards. The Mel GIbson remake of The Bounty followed in 1984.

Subsequent scores, also for historical dramas, included Ridley Scott’s 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) and Oliver Stone’s Alexander (2004), both less celebrated but still musically compelling for their mix of electronics with conventional orchestra and choirs. He also scored Roman Polanski’s erotic thriller Bitter Moon (1992).

Vangelis was born Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou on March 29, 1943, and raised in Athens. A self-taught pianist, he formed a rock band, the Forminx, in 1963, playing pop music and Beatles covers, but began working on film scores and sessions a few years later.

After relocating to Paris, In 1968 he formed the progressive-rock quartet Aphrodite’s Child with a group of Greek expatriots, including Demis Roussos. The group enjoyed chart success in several European countries, particularly the single ‘Rain and Tear.’

After that group dissolved, he declined an offer to replace Rick Wakeman in progressive-rock legends Yes and instead focused on solo work and film scores. However, after moving to London in 1975, he began collaborating with Yes singer Jon Anderson, with whom he released four albums as Jon and Vangelis between 1980 and 1991, one of which reached the British top 5.

Increasingly reclusive, he gave few interviews, preferring music-making to publicity and promotion. Yet in one 1980s interview, he said this: “People say that a synthesiser is a machine, not a natural sound. Everything is natural. The first instrument built – a flute or maybe a tom-tom – was a machine to create sound. Acoustical conventional instruments, like a guitar, are fantastic, but they are restricted and always give the same sort of sound. It allows us to go beyond what we have known. You can start from a beep, and develop a whole range of sounds with endless variations. It is incredible.”

Vangelis composed for the Greek theater (Elektra, 1983, and Medea, 1992, both with Irene Papas), for ballets in London (Modern Prometheus, 1985, and Beauty and the Beast, 1986), and for documentaries by undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau (Rediscover the World, 1992).

The restless artist moved from solo albums to music for nature films and sporting events throughout the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s. His choral symphony ‘Mythodea’ was adopted by NASA as the theme for its 2001 Mars Odyssey mission and he penned original music for the European Space Agency’s 2014 expedition to Comet 67P.

He composed music for the funeral of physicist Stephen Hawking in 2018. His last studio album, 2021’s Juno to Jupiter, was inspired by NASA’s Juno space probe. Two of his later solo albums, 1996’s Oceanic and 2016’s Rosetta, earned Grammy nominations as Best New Age Album.

Details of his personal life remain mysterious. Some reports suggest that he was married twice but had no children.

Vangelis’ stature in his home country is evidenced by a statement from Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who called him “a pioneer of electronic sound.”

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Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming admits actor’s battle with a brain disorder has taken a ‘toll’ on her mental health

Bruce Willis‘ wife has given her first interview since the family revealed the actor was stepping away from acting due to a debilitating brain disorder.

Speaking to US parenting site The Bump, Emma Heming admitted the diagnosis has taken a toll on her as she helps her husband battle aphasia, a rare language disorder that’s caused by brain damage and affects communication ability.

“I put my family’s needs above my own, which I found does not make me any kind of hero,” the 43-year-old model told the outlet this week. “That amount of care for everyone else within my household had taken a toll on my mental health and overall health. And it served no one in my family.”

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Heming said she is now making a point to prioritise her wellbeing and “making the time for self-care” daily as it will benefit her husband and their daughters – Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, eight – in the long run.

“Someone told me not long ago that when you over-care for someone, you end up under-caring for yourself,” she said. “That stopped me in my tracks and really resonated with me.”

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Whle Willis has not spoken out about his diagnosis, last month – one week after his condition was made public – Heming shared a photo of the actor looking smiling and looking happy while enjoying some downtime in the countryside. 

“Mom & Dad in their favorite habitat 🏔🥾 #offthegrid,” the model captioned the shots.

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In a separate Instagram Story, the mum-of-two also thanked fans for their well wishes. 

“Your love, support, compassion, prayers really help. I’m grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote. 

It was the entire Willis clan who banded together to reveal his health battle on Instagram on March 31. Along with Heming, his ex-wife Demi Moore and their daughters – Rumer, 33, Scout, 30, and Tallulah, 28 – all shared the same statement on their respective Instagrams to announce the actor’s aphasia diagnosis and subsequent retirement. 

“To Bruce’s amazing supporters, as a family we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities. As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him,” the statement read.

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“This is a really challenging time for our family and we are so appreciative of your continued love, compassion and support,” it continued. “We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him.”

“As Bruce always says, ‘Live it up’ and together we plan to do just that. Love, Emma, Demi, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Mabel, & Evelyn.”

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Rebel Wilson shares ‘awful’ #MeToo moment with co-star who tried to ‘destroy’ her and her career

Rebel Wilson is recounting her “awful” experience with sexual harrassment.

In an interview with People, the 42-year-old actress opened up about her #MeToo moment that involved a former male castmate – whom she did not identify – on a film set years ago that occured in front of a group of his friends.

“He called me into a room and pulled down his pants,” she told the publication.

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Wilson then said that he asked her to perform a lewd act in front of his mates.

“It was awful and disgusting,” she added. “And all the behaviour afterwards – this was all before #MeToo – where they kind of tried to destroy me and my career. If it had happened after #MeToo, then I could have just blasted them.”

The Pitch Perfect star, who is a trained lawyer after graduating with a law degree from the University of New South Wales, said she did what she could to handle the situation.

“Because I’m a lawyer, I documented it,” she said. “I called my rep. I got certain things in writing about what happened.”

Wilson also said she “made sure people knew what happened” to her.

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“I should have left. It wasn’t worth it,” she said of her experience on the set. “But at the same time, I was like, ‘Oh well, do the right thing, be a professional and finish the movie.’ Now I would never do that.

“I thought even complaining to my agency was a big step. And to complain to the studio. I found out I was like the fourth person to complain about the guy. Such gross behaviour, but a lot of women have had it way worse.”

Wilson’s recount of her experience comes after revealing that she’s “trying” to have a baby solo. The Bridesmaids star recalled having an appointment with a fertility specialist in 2019 actually sparked her 37kg weight loss.

“He looked me up and down and said ‘You’d do much better if you were healthier’,” Wilson told People magazine.

“I was taken aback. I thought ‘Oh God, this guy’s so rude.’ He was right. I was carrying around a lot of excess weight.

“It’s almost like I didn’t think of my own needs. I thought of a future child’s needs that really inspired me to get healthier.”

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If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, call 000.

Johnny Depp’s agent says his star power ‘dimmed’ due to on-set behaviour

Johnny Depp‘s longtime agent testified on Thursday that his star power declined over the course of years due to his erratic behaviour, and that at one point he asked his agency to give him US$20 million (approx. $28.3 million) because he needed money.

Tracey Jacobs, a top agent at United Talent Agency, represented Depp for 30 years until he fired her – and his his longtime lawyer and management firm – in 2016. Jacobs appeared by video deposition on the 19th day of Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, whom he accuses of destroying his career with false allegations of domestic violence.

Jacobs testified that over the last 10 years of her representation of him, Depp would habitually show up late to set. He ultimately got a reputation that made it harder to get jobs for him, she said.

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“Initially crews loved him,” she said. “He was always so great with the crew. But crews don’t love sitting around for hours and hours and hours waiting for the star to show up.”

Jacobs said that sometimes she would get yelled at, and that she tried to impress on her client that he was hurting his career. In addition, she noted an increased use of alcohol and drugs. At one time, she said that Depp had been “the biggest star in the world,” but that was no longer true by the time he fired her in October 2016.

“His star had dimmed due to it getting harder to get him jobs,” Jacobs said.

“People were talking. The question was out there about his behaviour.”

Heard’s lawyers also called Joel Mandel, Depp’s former business manager, to testify about his out-of-control spending. Also appearing by video, Mandel testified that Depp began to lead a “bigger” and “more expensive life” after the runaway success of Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003. But in later years, Depp’s income waned as several other films did not do as well.

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“The spending levels had grown very, very, very large,” Mandel said. “It required that level of incredibly high income to be maintained. When it dropped off, the disconnect became untenable.”

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In 2015, Mandel warned Depp that he was in “dire” financial condition, and urged him to cut back on his spending and sell his French chateau. Though Depp seemed at times to get the message, Mandel said that ultimately there was little follow-through. Depp fired Mandel in March 2016, and later sued him. Mandel’s company countersued, alleging that Depp was responsible for his financial problems and documenting numerous lavish expenditures. That litigation was settled in 2018.

In her testimony, Jacobs said that Depp came to UTA and asked them to give him US$20 million. He had a meeting with UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer and Chairman Jim Berkus, in which they declined to do that.

“They said we’re not in a position to give our clients that kind of money,” Jacobs testified. “We’re not a bank.”

Depp did not specify why he needed the money, but did say that he had made a lot of money for the agency over the years, she testified. She said the agency ultimately helped him get a loan from Bank of America.

Jacobs also indicated that Depp’s image has been harmed by the series of lawsuits he has filed.

“These lawsuits don’t help,” she said. “It’s endless.”

Heard’s lawyers also played a deposition from actor Ellen Barkin, who recounted having a brief sexual relationship with Depp in the 1990s. Barkin recalled an incident in which Depp threw a wine bottle in her direction in a hotel room in Las Vegas. She said that Depp was often angry and controlling.

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“He’s just a jealous man – controlling,” she said. “‘Where are you going? Who are you going with? What did you do last night?'”

Tina Newman, a Disney production executive, also gave testimony on the company’s behalf. She was asked about a series of emails in which Disney executives shared news articles related to Depp’s financial tailspin. On one of them, a Disney executive wrote simply “sad.”

However, Newman said that executives had not sent around Heard’s Washington Post op-ed, in which she called herself a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” or referred to it in any messages. Depp alleges in his lawsuit that Disney fired him from the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film – which has not been made – because of the op-ed. Newman said she was unaware of anyone at Disney saying that Depp would not appear in the film because of the op-ed.

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Rihanna gives birth, welcomes first baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky

Pop singer Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky are new parents of a baby boy, according to a report on the TMZ website on Thursday.

Rihanna, 34, gave birth on May 13 in Los Angeles, TMZ said, citing sources with knowledge of the matter. It is their first child.

Representatives for the musicians did not respond to requests for comment. The new parents have not yet shared their child’s name or birthday.

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Rihanna first revealed news she was expecting in a series of photos in January and set style trends with her distinct pregnancy fashion.

The Barbados-born ‘Diamonds’ singer, whose birth name is Robyn Fenty, has won nine Grammy awards and also developed the Fenty makeup and fashion lines.

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Rihanna told British Vogue in 2020 that her 10-year plan included children.

“I’ll have kids – three or four of ’em,” she said, adding “the only thing that matters is happiness, that’s the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. That’s the only thing that can raise a child truly, is love.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, 33, have been friends for many years before they began dating and went public with their relationship in May 2021.

The rapper told GQ magazine in May 2021 that she was “the love of my life” and that he “absolutely” wanted to be a father.

“I think I’d be an incredible, remarkably overall amazing dad,” he said. “I would have a very fly child. Very.”

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John Aylward, ER and The West Wing actor, dies at 75

John Aylward, the actor best known for his recurring roles in popular dramas ER and The West Wing, died on Monday in Seattle from natural causes, his agent Mitchell K. Stubbs confirmed to Variety. He was 75.

Born and raised in Seattle, Aylward graduated from the University of Washington’s school of drama in 1970. He got his start as a theater actor, founding Seattle’s Empty Space Theatre in 1973. He served as a regular in Seattle Repertory Theatre for 15 years.

After getting his start in television with small roles on television films – including The Secret Life of John Chapman, Stamp of a Killer, Third Degree Burn, Child in the Night and With a Vengeance – Aylward began working more frequently on television in the ’90s, starting with a recurring role on Northern Exposure.

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Other television shows he had notable recurring and guest spots on over the course of his career included Grace Under Fire, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Family Law, Ally McBeal, Dharma & Greg, The X-Files, Everwood, The Practice, Nip Tuck, Law & Order, Boston Legal, Alias, Mad Men, Fringe, Shameless and Yellowstone.

Aylward was cast of ER in 1996, during its third season, after co-producer Carol Flynt saw him perform in Psychopathia Sexualis at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Aylward played Dr. Donald Anspaugh, a leading board member of the central hospital, and the chief of staff and chief of surgery for much of the show’s run. Aylward appeared in over 70 episodes over the course of the show’s tenure, making his final appearance in 2008 during the show’s 15th and final season.

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During the run of ER, Aylward also had a notable role the seventh and final season of The West Wing, as DNC chairman Barry Goodwin, who advised the election campaign for presidential elect Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits), and eventually helped the transition between Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and Santos’ administrations. Other notable television roles include a main role in the short-lived 2000 science fiction series The Others, and a recurring role in the 2020 USA series Briarpatch.

Although best known for his roles on television, Aylward also had supporting roles in several films, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Armageddon, Down With Love, Water for Elephants, The Nowhere Inn and The Way Back. He also voiced Dr. Arne Magnusson in the 2007 video game Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Aylward is survived by his wife Mary Fields.

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Viola Davis reveals a director once called her by his maid’s name as she speaks out on Hollywood’s slow race progress

Viola Davis joined Variety and Kering at the Cannes Film Festival for a powerful Women In Motion conversation in which she revealed a director once called her by his maid’s name.

The Oscar and Emmy-winning actor was talking about Hollywood’s perception of Black actors and how the amount of roles she can play remains limited due to her skin color, even at her A-list stature.

“I had a director who did that to me. He said, ‘Louise!’ I knew him for 10 years and he called me Louise and I find out that it’s because his maid’s name is Louise,” Davis said.

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“I was maybe around 30 at the time, so it was a while ago. But what you have to realize is that those micro-aggressions happen all the time.”

Davis won an Emmy for her leading role in How to Get Away With Murder, which was one of the only series fronted by a dark-skinned Black woman on television during its six-season run.

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How to Get Away With Murder from Shonda Rhimes broke down barriers for representation on network TV, but Davis admitted the show didn’t necessarily open the door for more TV opportunities for women who look like her.

“I know that when I left How to Get Away With Murder that I don’t see a lot of dark skin women in lead roles on TV and not even in streaming services,” Davis said, in conversation at Cannes with Variety’s chief correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister.

“And that ties into ideology and ethos and mentality, and that’s speaking in the abstract. Why aren’t you hiring a dark skin woman when she walks in the room and you say she blows you away? Create space and storytelling for her so when she thrives she’s not thriving despite of her circumstance but thriving because of her circumstance.”

Davis stressed that opportunities in Hollywood are still limited. Through her production company JuVee Productions, which she founded with her husband Julius Tennon, Davis is trying to expand the scope of the stories being told in Hollywood (see her upcoming warrior epic The Woman King as an example).

“If I wanted to play a mother whose family lives in a low income neighborhood and my son was a gang member who died in a drive by shooting, I could get that made,” Davis said.

“If I played a woman who was looking to recreate herself by flying to Nice and sleeping with five men at the age of 56 – looking like me, I’m going to have a hard time pushing that one, even as Viola Davis.”

Davis once played a supporting role in the Julia Roberts starrer Eat Pray Love, but it sounds like making a version of that story with her in the lead role wouldn’t be of interest in Hollywood.

The actor said the reason is that “people can’t reconcile the Blackness with the spiritual awakening and the sexuality. It’s too much for them.”

While speaking about being rejected for roles in the past, Davis said a lot of the times she was passed over because of her race or because Hollywood talent did not find her “pretty enough.” The latter reason “really gets on my damn nerves,” Davis said.

“It breaks my heart and it makes me angry.”

“A lot of it is based in race. It really is,” Davis added of being rejected.

“Let’s be honest. If I had my same features and I were five shades lighter, it would just be a little bit different. And if I had blonde hair, blue eyes and even a wide nose, it would be even a little bit different than what it is now. We could talk about colorism, we could talk about race. It pisses me off, and it has broken my heart – on a number of projects, which I won’t name.”

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