Ozzy Ozbourne says he’s ‘not proud’ of cheating on his wife

British rocker Ozzy Ozbourne has lived quite a wild life, but he’s revealed the thing that he most regrets is cheating on his wife Sharon.

“I’ve done some pretty outrageous things in my life,” Ozzy tells British GQ in their Men of the Year issue. “I regret cheating on my wife. I don’t do it anymore. I got my reality check and I’m lucky she didn’t leave me. I’m not proud of that.

“I was pissed off with myself. But I broke her heart,” he expresses.

The Osbournes married in 1982 and share three children, Aimee, 37, Kelly, 36, and Jack, 35. Sharon briefly left Ozzy in 2016 when news of his infidelity surfaced, but they reconciled soon after.

Sharon has previously opened up about her husband’s wandering eye in a tell-all interview with UK paper The Telegraph back in 2017, claiming he had six women on rotation at one point.

Earlier this year Sharon spoke about how, after nearly 40 years of marriage, she couldn’t picture life without the 71-year-old rock star.

“The thought of not being with him is just unthinkable,” she told ET. “As the years go on you just get closer. After so long and so much that we’ve gone through to keep this family together, you do become a soulmate. You do become codependent on each other. You don’t wanna go anywhere without each other or do anything without each other.”

In January, Ozzy revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkin 2, a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease. He’s also in recovery from a spinal surgery he had last year, and has been using 2020 as a time to slow down.

“I’ve done a lot of reflecting during this lockdown,” Ozzy told the GQ, adding, “I’ve been thinking of my childhood, thinking about what a fantastic life I’ve had.”

Hugh Grant reveals ‘slightly embarrassing’ reason he stepped away from rom-coms

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Hugh Grant got candid about the last few decades of his career.

After his iconic performance in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Grant became the go-to man for rom-coms, beloved both for his comedic wit and dashing good looks.

But in the mid-’00s, he stepped away from Hollywood and stopped taking the roles he was so known for. Nowadays he does gritty characters that are a far cry from his floppy-haired dreamboat vibes.

He’s now revealed that he took a short break from Hollywood after getting burnt out, but his unofficial ‘retirement’ from rom-coms wasn’t exactly voluntary.

“I developed a bad attitude from about 2005 onwards, shortly after Music and Lyrics,” he says, referring to the movie co-starring Drew Barrymore, which he says is one of his favourites.

“I just had enough. Then I went back in 2009 and made another film. At that point, it wasn’t me giving up Hollywood. Hollywood gave me up because I made such a massive turkey with that film with Sarah Jessica Parker.

His 2009 film Did You Hear About The Morgans was critically panned, with an 11% Rotten Tomatoes score. After that box office disaster, Grant reveals that he wasn’t offered too many roles.

“Whether I wanted to or not after that, the days of being a very well-paid leading man were suddenly gone overnight. It was slightly embarrassing but it left life free for other things.”

Grant took some time to focus on being a political activist, starting the Hacked Off campaign for new press standards in the UK. He then returned to acting, with meaty roles in Florence Foster Jenkins, The Gentlemen, and the 2020 TV show The Undoing alongside Nicole Kidman.

In 2017 he starred in the kids’ film Paddington 2 as a washed-up actor. When he was asked if his kids had a chance to see the film, Grant revealed that they didn’t exactly love it.

“I arranged a special screening actually and I took several of my children and they hated it,” he said. “One of them turned to me after a short period of time and said, ‘Why are you in it so much?’ which was very hurtful. But I have to say subsequently they’ve come to love it.”

Grant, 60, has five kids under the age of 10, which he said has been a bit of a challenge especially during COVID lockdowns. “I’m an old man with very young children and a very exhausted wife. So it’s just about survival from hour to hour in terms of childcare.”

Ron Howard’s Thai caves rescue film, Thirteen Lives, to shoot in Australia

Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard‘s Thirteen Lives, based on the 2018 Thai caves rescue mission, will start filming in March in Queensland.

Australia will provide $13 million to MGM and Imagine Entertainment towards the production, with the Gold Coast hinterland doubling up for Thailand.

Produced by Oscar-winner Brian Grazer, P.J. van Sandwijk, Gabrielle Tana and Karen Lunder, Thirteen Lives follows the true story of the 2018 Tham Laung cave rescue of a boys’ soccer team, trapped in a cave by heavy rain and flooding. After the team was stuck for days with no supplies and falling oxygen levels, a group from all over the world came together to work with the people of Thailand to save the boys. Among those experts were a group of divers from the U.K. and Australia.

“Over the years, I’ve both enjoyed and creatively benefitted from collaborations with Australian artists and technicians in front of and behind the camera, from Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Chris Hemsworth to John Seale, Donald McAlpine and Andrew Rowlands and many others,” said Howard.

“I am excited about the opportunity to film and work in Australia and dramatically expand on that list of collaborators whose sensibilities and work ethic I have long admired and respected.”

Australia’s Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Paul Fletcher, said the production is expected to inject more than $96 million into the economy, directly creating around 435 jobs for cast and crew.

“Thirteen Lives will tell the remarkable story of the effort by many volunteers, including Australians, to undertake an incredibly complex rescue. And I am proud to say that this story will be told here in Australia,” Fletcher said.

“In addition to recording this remarkable story for posterity, the production itself will create vital job opportunities and engage the services of an estimated 300 Australian businesses.”

Fletcher added that the movie will use a “significant amount of cutting-edge visual effects work,” which will serve as an opportunity for local post, digital and visual effects companies.

Thirteen Lives is supported under the Australian government’s A$400 million ($295 million) boost to the Location Incentive to create a pipeline of international projects, which will generate thousands of Australian jobs in the screen industry over the next seven years.

Thirteen Lives will be distributed in Australia by Universal Pictures International.

Courteney Cox hilariously recreates Monica’s turkey head dance from Friends

Even if you’ve never seen Friends, you’ve probably seen a photo or video from the iconic season five episode ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’.

In the episode, Monica – played by Courteney Cox – puts a raw turkey on her head and dances in an attempt to make up with her boyfriend Chandler. GIFs and images from the scene flood social media every Thanksgiving.

It’s now been 22 years since it aired on TV, but Cox decided it was high time to recreate the scene.

“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re having a great day. I’m feeling so thankful,” she began in a video posted to Instagram. “And also, if I get one more goddamn GIF of that turkey on my head dancing like a f—ing fool — I’m just going to snap!”


“So anyway, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go — hope it makes you happy,” she added, before cutting to a clip of her dancing in her kitchen, turkey on head, sunglasses and all.

The original cast of Friends are getting together for an upcoming special reunion episode. It was set to air earlier this year but has been delayed to March 2021 thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The exciting thing is that we’re all going to get together for the first time, in a room, and actually talk about the show,” Cox previously said about the reunion.

“We’re going to have the best time…It’s going to be great. We really haven’t all done that and actually sat there and talked about and reminisced about this incredible experience that we had,” she added.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby explains why she married her step-grandfather at just 22

The women in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast are newcomers on the Bravo block, but they’re already causing quite a stir.

Raising the most eyebrows is its star, Mary Cosby, who reveals in episode one that she married her step-grandfather, Robert Cosby Sr., and the marriage was arranged by her grandma just before her death.

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However, the marriage isn’t as scandalous as it sounds. Mary’s grandmother was the late Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby, who founded the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in Utah in 1968.

Before her death in 1997, Dr. Rosemary wanted Mary to take over as First Lady of the church, and in order to do that (plus inherit all Dr. Rosemary’s money), Mary had to wed her step-grandfather. She was just 22 at the time.

“Before she passed, she made it very clear that she wanted me to be the one to take her place in the church and inherit everything,” Mary explained to People.

“That came with homes, money, our church and also marrying her husband.”

But don’t think for a second Mary didn’t balk at the arrangement.

Her mother didn’t agree to the union because she wanted Dr. Rosemary to leave the church to her, the reality star revealed.  

“It was all bizarre,” Mary recalled. “It split our church. My mum had a fit because she wanted the church, she wanted my grandmother’s place. My mum felt like she was the one that should have been marrying Robert Sr.”

But Mary’s love and trust for her grandmother outweighed her reservations and mother’s objections. Now Mary and Robert have been married for 21 years and share a son, Robert Jr.

“Don’t think it wasn’t weird, because it was!” she added. “I did it because I trusted my grandmother. I’m so glad I did it.”

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Dallas alum Patrick Duffy, 71, opens up about new relationship with Happy Days star Linda Purl, 65

It’s a match made in TV heaven and now Dallas alum Patrick Duffy is opening up about his new romance with Happy Days star Linda Purl.

Speaking to US entertainment news outlet Extra, Duffy says 2020 hasn’t been all bad considering he met his new love during coronavirus lockdown.

“That’s the gift that COVID gave me — Linda Purl is the lady in my life,” the 71-year-old told the outlet. 

Duffy — who played Bobby Ewing in the hit ’70s series Dallas — said he wasn’t looking for love. He lost his wife of 45 years, Carlyn Rosser, in 2017 from a heart attack, and he was content to live out his remaining years alone. 

But fate had other plans after he was re-introduced to Purl almost four decades after they first met at an industry event.

They began texting and Zooming over the course of two months until Duffy decided to get in his car and drive to see the 65-year-old actress, who is best known for playing Fonzie’s steady girlfriend, Ashley, on Happy Days.

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“We did a two-to-three-hour Zoom every single night,” he recalled. “You get to know somebody really well when you do that.

“At the end of those two and half months, we were feeling a little different than just casual friendship, so I packed up my car, I drove 20 hours, and I was on her doorstep. I asked permission if I could kiss her, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Purl has been married and divorced four times. She was married to Lucille Ball’s son Desi Arnaz Jr. in the ’80s, screenwriter and TV producer Williams Broyles Jr., producer Alexander Cary (who has ties to the British royal family), and most recently James Vinson Adams, who she split from in 2011 after five years of marriage.

The actress shares an adult son with Cary, 24-year-old Lucius.

The Wanted’s Tom Parker and wife share heartwarming video of their children amid singer’s cancer battle

The Wanted star Tom Parker is surrounding himself with family as he battles terminal brain cancer.

When the 32-year-old British singer isn’t receiving treatment for Stage 4 glioblastoma tumour, he spends his days with his 16-month-old daughter Aurelia and baby boy Bodhi, who was born last month

In a new Instagram video, Parker’s wife, actress Kelsey Hardwick, shared a tender moment between the family inside their UK home, in which Aurelia lovingly cradled her baby brother.

“I just can’t cope with how funny she is. Forever loving my little Rae of sunshine who makes my day every day,” Hardwick captioned the clip.


Parker, who rose to fame with the British boy band The Wanted, was diagnosed with brain cancer in October, just weeks before Bodhi’s arrival.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, the singer told fans he would undergo treatment immediately, but he and his family chose to remain positive despite the prognosis. 

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“We are all absolutely devastated but we are gonna fight this all the way,” he wrote. “We don’t want your sadness, we just want love and positivity and together we will raise awareness of this terrible disease and look for all available treatment options. It’s gonna be a tough battle but with everyone’s love and support we are going to beat this.”


Indeed, Hardwick has been his rock throughout this entire ordeal, as have their children. Recently, the mum-of-two paid tribute to their kids and thanked them for adding colour to their lives. 

“At first it was us @tomparkerofficial. Then along came our Rae of sunshine,” Hardwick wrote on Instagram recently. “We are now complete with our enlightenment Bodhi. Life is tough my darlings but love, positivity and light will always push us through.”

All the lyrics from Miley Cyrus’ new album Plastic Hearts fans think are about her exes

Miley Cyrus new album Plastic Hearts is out and her exes may want to hide under the covers. 

In her first venture into rock music, Cyrus doesn’t hold back as she belts out bangers inspired by the punk-rock era — and possibly her past relationships with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson and ex-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter

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Many of the lyrics are rather pointed. While some are hard to decipher, others are as clear as night and day which ex Cyrus was potentially referring to.

In the title track, ‘Plastic Hearts’, Cyrus sings about how easy it is for her to move on from relationships.

“Am I wrong that I moved on and I … And I don’t even miss you? Thought that it’d be you until I die. But I let go,” she sings.

You may recall that after Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their divorce in August 2019, one month later she was spotted kissing Carter on board a boat in Italy

“Frightened by my own reflection. Desperate for a new connection. Hold you in, but don’t you get too close,” she sings in the pre-chorus. “Love you now, but not tomorrow. Wrong to steal, but not to borrow. Pull you in, but don’t you get too close.”

Just weeks before their boat PDA, Carter had just announced her split from husband, The Hills star Brody Jenner. And there were concerns from critics that an overlap between the two relationships may have occurred. 

“Wrong to steal but not to borrow” could be Cyrus’ way of confirming once and for all that both she and Carter were single at the time of their hookup.

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Fans think the song ‘Angels Like You’ also references her brief, two-month fling with Carter.

“Sorry but i still think angels like you is about Kaitlynn and you won’t change my mind,” tweeted one fan. 

And they may be right. The song is about someone who doesn’t want to taint their angelic lover, with Cyrus singing, “It’s not your fault I ruin everything. And it’s not your fault I can’t be what you need. Baby, angels like you can’t fly down hell with me.”


But other fans are adamant the song is about Hemsworth. 

“If y’all still deny angels like you is about liam and full of marriage references after tonight…,” one wrote, with another tweeting, “cried again but this time was DIFFERENT hit me so hard in my feelings and made me rethink about miley’s and liam’s marriage so much and i feel so sorry for my baby.”


‘WTF Do I Know’ is also likened to Cyrus’ ill-fated eight-month marriage with Hemsworth. 

“I’m the type to drive a pickup through your mansion. I’m completely naked but I’m making it fashion. Maybe gettin’ married just to cause a distraction. Here to tell you somethin’ that you don’t know,” she sings. 

One fan was not here for the shade. 

“I am SAD and DISHEARTHENING to see some lyrics from @MileyCyrus’ upcoming album project. Songs with lyrics: “win some lose some ‘fake it’ ‘marriage was a distraction” ‘never be me’ No one needs to know your intimate stories (air out old laundry),: they tweeted.


There’s no question that ‘Never Be Me’ is about Hemsworth. In the song, Cyrus sings about not living up to the woman he needed — and she’s OK with that. 

“I don’t wanna push you way too much. I don’t wanna lean that way too far. I don’t wanna ever learn the hard way,” she sings. “But if you’re looking for stable, that’ll be never be me. If you’re looking for faithful, that’ll never be me. If you’re looking for someone to be all that you need. That’ll never be me (hard as I try). That’ll never be me (I play with fire).”

“Imagine you are Liam Hemsworth right now… #PLASTICHEARTS,” one fan tweeted. 


Another fan concluded that Plastic Heart is about Cyrus’ exes and mainly her marriage to Hemsworth because they think she’s probably still in love with him.

“I think @MileyCyrus still deeply loves @LiamHemsworth and i feel heartbroken for her,” they tweeted. 


They may have a point. In ‘Prisoner’, her duet with Dua Lipa, Cyrus sings about being in a prison of her own doing. 

“You keep making it harder to stay. But I still can’t run away. I gotta know why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?” she sings in the verse, before belting out the chorus, “Prisoner, prisoner, locked up. Can’t get you off my mind, off my mind. Lord knows I tried a million times, million times, oh-woah. Why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?”

Zac Efron reportedly splits from Aussie girlfriend Vanessa Valladares

It’s over for Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares.

Despite the pair celebrating Efron’s 33rd birthday back in October, the Baywatch star ended their romance, according to multiple reports.

“Zac and Vanessa looked like the real deal,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “They were besotted with each other.

“Zac has been renting a place by the beach in Byron Bay and by ­September Vanessa was living with him there. So once he decided to stay in Australia long term, he suggested they buy their first home. They’d started to look at a few places but, sadly, fate wasn’t on their side.”

Efron recently moved from Byron Bay to Adelaide to film his new movie, Gold. His new location reportedly put a strain on their relationship, causing them to call it quits.

“Zac’s work and the enforced distance has really taken its toll,” the source continued.


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“Friends hope they can reunite, but it seems their relationship was more like a holiday romance than they cared to admit.”

Valladares was reportedly working as a waitress at the Byron Bay General Store cafe when she met The Greatest Showman star in June.

“Zac met Ness earlier in the summer. They started hanging out in July and recently took a ski trip together,” another source told People in September. “You can tell that they are having fun.”

Australian ’90s band Girlfriend: Where are they now?

They were one of the biggest groups of the ’90s. They coined the phrase ‘girl power’ years before the Spice Girls, had their own fashion line before celebrity fashion lines were a thing and had dance moves to rival the most enthusiastic TikTok stars.

Of course I’m talking about the Australian girl group, Girlfriend — who burst onto the music scene in 1991 with their debut album Make It Come True and into many a tween’s heart.

I have very fond memories of waking up early to record, (yes, record on an actual, real-life VHS player) their music videos on Video Hits and Rage.

I’d replay them all day, singing and dancing and copying their dance moves in the mirror, wishing I could be even a teeny bit as cool as them in their sunflower bucket hats and bike shorts.

The girls I speak so fondly of are Robyn Loau, Siobhánn Heidenreich, Lorinda Noble, Jacqui Cowell and Melanie Alexander.

There were many a hit from this powerful girl group. In fact, they had six Top 40 hits in 1992, four ARIA top 50 singles, including the #1 hit and perhaps their most well-known song, ‘Take It From Me’, which bumped Silverchair from the top spot.

But sadly, their time in the spotlight was short-lived.

By 1994 they were already over. Loau left the group to try her hand at a solo career, and while the four remaining members re-branded as GF4 and took on a sexier more mature image, success didn’t follow and they went their separate ways in 1996.

Loau, now a successful theatre performer and backup singer, appeared on Today Extra in 2017 and at the time hinted at a Girlfriend reunion, which is yet to happen.

Watch the video above.


“We met up a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t seen the girls for over 10 years, it was great and the girls are successful in their own arenas,” she said. “Siobhánn is a successful interior decorator, Mel has her video production company, Lorinda is working hard with two very young children and we’re in discussions of meeting up and doing something quite special.”


While we haven’t seen the former band members reunite just yet, we’re still holding out hope. I mean, if bucket hats and bike shorts are cool again, surely it’s not too late?

Halle Berry delivers sassy comeback amid claims she’s ‘bad in bed’

Halle Berry has hit back at claims made by a fellow actress that she’s “bad in bed”.

The 54-year-old had a sassy comeback for LisaRaye McCoy, who sensationally claimed last week that Berry was not that skilled in the bedroom.

“Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my my man @vanhunt he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know,” the Oscar-winner tweeted on November 26, while referring to her boyfriend, singer and producer Van Hunt.


The drama began last week on the Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens talk show, which features McCoy and her co-hosts, Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, and Syleena Johnson.

The women were discussing whether singer Toni Braxton was good in bed when McCoy brought up Berry’s name.

“Toni Braxton got some fine men back in the day,” Jordan said, implying the R&B star is a good lover. McCoy then responded, “We don’t know what she’s doing in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry.”

When asked to explain her views, McCoy said she heard Berry was a bad lover. 

“That’s what they say. That’s what I read, and that’s what I heard,” she claimed.

Earlier this week, in an attempt to clear up any misunderstanding, McCoy explained that she was referring to Berry’s performance in Monster’s Ball and the clumsy sex scene featured in that movie. 

“I remember when Monster’s Ball [it] was her love scene and they was trying to say that that’s how she is in bed. And it was like, no, it was a movie guys, what are you talking about?” McCoy said on a follow-up episode.

She then explained that she was in on way commenting on Berry’s performance outside of the movie because she’s never slept with the actress.  

“I don’t know that because I’m not gay nor am I bisexual,” McCoy said. “But that disturbed me because Halle is beautiful. I don’t have a problem with Halle. I love Halle. Halle is breaking barriers for all of us, you know what I mean. So that is absolutely a no-no.”

She also further clarified her comments on Instagam, addressing Berry directly.

“@halleberry true don’t know about your snatch and NEVER said anything about you being able to keep a man personally either. Was reporting from a previous source of gossip for my show adding commentary. Distasteful? Yes ma’am i can see that. Sorry? Totally,” McCoy wrote.

“It was taking out of context because it was not meant that way. You are an Icon and the GOAT for real FORREAL and never want to disrespect YOU. I respect what you’ve accomplished and stand for…You represent!!. I love you @halleberry You are our Hollywood Queen.

“And oh I won’t bother to ask your man. I’m sure you got that all handled.”

Nicole Kidman’s new series is reportedly causing major traffic jams in Byron Bay and locals are not happy

Locals from New South Wales’ picturesque town of Byron Bay are not happy.

Production for Nicole Kidman‘s new series, Nine Perfect Strangers, is currently shooting on location at the coastal town, causing significant traffic and delays.

A number of angry residents have submitted anonymous messages to popular celebrity Instagram account Deuxmoi, expressing their anger over what was once a dreamy and quiet destination becoming a “celebrity takeover.”


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“Everyone knows Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, but since COVID hit, it seems to be the new celebrity hotspot,” one person wrote. “It’s a small town, but the traffic is so bad due to roadworks AND the filming of Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy’s new series (Nine Perfect Strangers) shutting off an alternative route to get into town!”

Meanwhile, another user sent in a message titled: “Justice of Byron Bay.”

“I’ve lived in this area my whole life,” they began. “It’s completely changed because of the celebrities! The wannabe influencers in Sydney and Melbourne all sold their homes to move here — Natalie Portman is here too.”

According to the user, “a huge filming studio” is in talks to be built, but the north coast hotspot “doesn’t have the infrastructure to support all the people moving.”

“Everyone I know can no longer afford to live here and won’t be able to buy houses in the areas they’ve grown up in and you can’t get your kids into any schools!” they continued. “Zac Efron, Jacob Elordi etc all buy houses here because they love the vibes bit the vibes are gone.”

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Daily Mail Australia recently reported that locals are unhappy about the town becoming a top tourist destination for Hollywood stars. Gyms are unable to accept new clients due to being at full capacity, beauty and hair salon appointments have extensive wait times and restaurants in the area are fully booked.

The report also confirmed that traffic has increased, with a taxi driver claiming that they often turn off their phone lines due to the extremely high volume of calls.

Nine Perfect Strangers is set to debut in 2021.

Grey’s Anatomy feud explainer: Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington

Considering Grey’s Anatomy is such a drama-filled rollercoaster of a show, you’d think that the stars would want peace and harmony off-screen. But it turns out, some of the biggest drama on that show goes down when the cameras are turned off.

Take, for example, Katherine Heigl, who played Izzy Stevens, and Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Burke. They both have a bit of a reputation, each allegedly leaving the show on bad terms. But there’s also a sizzling feud between the two actors, one which Washington recently reignited online.

Here’s everything that went down with Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington.

Why did Katherine Heigl leave Grey’s Anatomy?

While Heigl told press that she left the show to spend time with her family, there have been plenty of other rumours claiming bad behaviour, and her belief that she show was ‘beneath her’.

Fans may remember that her character’s departure from the show was fractured –– Izzy left for a bit with no notice, came back for a few episodes, and then left again for good.

The drama with Heigl started in 2008 when she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration, a year after winning the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She told the LA Times:

“I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organisation, I withdrew my name from contention.”

Her co-stars didn’t take too kindly to this statement, and neither did the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes. Heigl says that she apologised to Rhimes shortly afterwards: “That wasn’t cool, and I should not have said that. And I shouldn’t have said anything publicly.”

Rhimes says she was hurt by Heigl’s actions.

“On some level it stung and on some level I was not surprised,” she told Oprah in 2012. “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

Later, when Rhimes created the show Scandal, she told THR that she wasn’t hiring “a–holes” or “nasty people”, adding “there are no Heigls in this situation”.

Less than two years after the Emmy statement, Heigl departed the show amid rumours that she was difficult to work with. Some sources claimed that she wanted more airtime and ‘juicier’ scenes, while others claim she left to focus on her film career, and that Grey’s was beneath her.

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Was Katherine Heigl supposed to come back to Grey’s Anatomy?

The reason Heigl’s character, Izzy, didn’t get a proper send-off from the show is because Heigl never showed up to film it. According to showrunner Krista Vernoff, she was supposed to get a proper goodbye.

“We had planned to have her come back for an episode to really properly tie up Izzie and Alex,” Vernoff told the Los Angeles Times in 2020. “I wrote that episode, and it was beautiful. The day before it was supposed to start prepping or shooting, I can’t remember, we got a call that Katie wasn’t coming. Just wasn’t coming. Wasn’t going to do it.”

Heigl reportedly hit back at the claims, with sources close to the actress telling Entertainment Weekly, “Krista is mistaken. Katherine was back in LA after parental leave waiting to be called to set.”

Why did Isaiah Washington leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Washington’s character, Preston Burke, left the show abruptly, leaving Cristina at the altar with zero warning. That’s because the actor was fired from the show for using a homophobic slur in an argument with co-star Patrick Dempsey.

Apparently the slur was directed at T.R. Knight, who played George O’Malley. When the press got wind of Washington’s use of the word, in 2006, Knight came out as gay before the press could out him. According to the Washington Post, Washington apologised, but then said the same slur a few months later backstage at the Golden Globes.

Shortly after that ABC decided not to renew his contract and he left the show at the end of Season 3.

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Almost a year later, when a photo of Washington as Dr Burke appeared on-screen in a newspaper clipping, he filed a complaint with the Screen Actors Guild against Grey’s for using his face.

His character came back for a short scene in Season 10 when Cristina Yang was leaving, a choice for which Rhimes faced a lot of backlash. “It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should,” she said in a statement. “Burke is vital to that journey — he gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

What happened between Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington?

Considering they’re the two most controversial actors to have starred on Grey’s Anatomy, there’s no surprise that there has been bad blood between Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington.

Their so-called ‘feud’ started when Washington made the derogatory comments about Knight back in 2006. At the time, Heigl told the press: “He needs to just not speak in public. Period. T.R. is my best friend. I will throw down for that kid.”

While they seemingly have had no contact over the last decade, Washington reignited their feud in November 2020 with some tweets that seemed to come out of nowhere.

“This woman once proclaimed that I should ‘never’ be allowed to speak publicly again,” Washington tweeted, including a photo of the 27 Dresses star. “The world agreed with her proclamation back then and protested for my job and my head in 65 languages. I wish I was on Twitter in 2007, because I will NEVER stop exercising my free speech.”

He then called her the “first Karen” and “nobody of importance”, then added, “I’ve learned that all money ain’t good money and no amount of money can replace your dignity and integrity. Some call it living by your principles.”


It’s unclear why he brought this up again, 13 years later, but a source close to Heigl told E! News that she has no regrets. “Katherine stood up for her close friend twice when Isaiah publicly outed him and called him a f—-t. That’s hate talk, not free speech.”

What is Isaiah Washington doing now?

He’s still acting, he had a four-season role on TV show The 100, a guest-arc on P Valley, and appeared in a handful of films.

Last year Isaiah Washington came out as a Trump voter, a supporter of QAnon, and has spoken about how 5G causes coronavirus.

What is Katherine Heigl doing now?

Since leaving Grey’s a decade ago, Heigl leaned into a career in rom-coms, acting in films like New Year’s Day, Life As We Know It, and One For The Money. She starred on TV show Suits for two seasons and is set to appear in upcoming Netflix show Firefly Lane.

Bindi Irwin shares heartwarming video of unborn baby during ultrasound appointment: ‘The light of our lives’

An emotional Bindi Irwin has given fans a first glimpse of her unborn baby.

The Wildlife Warrior and her husband, Chandler Powell, posted a video of their ultrasound appointment to Instagram, with both choking up seeing their first child on the screen.

“Our beautiful daughter is the light of our lives,” 22-year-old Irwin said of the video. “Beyond thankful that she chose us to be her parents. I can’t wait for her to be here next year.”

Powell, 24, was equally moved during their appointment.

“The most beautiful sight in this world,” he commented on Instagram. “I love you.”

In the short clip, the dad-to-be — who was behind the camera — was in awe as he proudly zoomed into the image of their child. 

“Wow, you can see her heartbeat there. Oh my goodness, she is beautiful and very active,” he said he said on camera after his wife gushed, “This is so exciting. Look at our daughter. She’s so beautiful.”

The parents-to-be have been happily sharing updates on their pregnancy with fans since announcing the happy news back in August. The following month, they shared a first sonogram image of their daughter, then weeks later they revealed their baby’s gender.

“Baby girl, you are our world,” Irwin posted at the time which she accompanied with a photo of the couple embracing a tortoise while holding a sonogram image of their little girl.

“Our beautiful daughter is now about the same size as a hatchling Aldabra tortoise and is as healthy as can be. We can’t wait for her arrival next year.”


Irwin is just a little over halfway through her pregnancy. Two weeks ago, she revealed she was 20 weeks pregnant and excitedly counting down the days until the birth. 

“Halfway there! 20 weeks pregnant and our baby girl is about the same size as a recently hatched emu chick,” she said. “The love I have for my sweetheart husband and our beautiful daughter is boundless.”