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Dakota Johnson did not want to be involved in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case

Dakota Johnson has revealed she did not want to appear in the media storm surrounding the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation case. 

During the trial process, a 2015 clip of Johnson appearing concerned about Depp’s bandaged finger during a press conference went viral. The video was titled, “The EXACT moment Dakota Johnson KNEW Amber Heard was VIOLENT towards Johnny Depp” and it received over 4 million views. 

“Why am I involved in this?” Johnson said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I don’t remember that at all, but please, take me out of this. Don’t let this go any further.”

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Johnson said she did not respect the way the trial had been covered. “I can’t believe that people are watching [the trial] like it’s a show. It’s like it’s a courtroom drama and my heart breaks,” she said.

The defamation suit was brought against Heard by Depp after she wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post where she called herself a victim of domestic abuse without explicitly mentioning her ex-husband. Depp later went on to win the case.

While the decision was met with joy from some sections of the internet, there also has been widespread discontent over the trial’s coverage.

Journalists such as Michael Hobbes have claimed the media frenzy placed too much emphasis on “gotchas” and undoes much of the work done by the #MeToo movement.

In a piece titled ‘The Bleak Spectacle of the Amber Heard Case‘, he wrote: “The bad-faith scrutiny, the obsession with minor discrepancies, the confidence that vast conspiracies can be discovered on Google – is instantly recognisable from previous explosions of internet-enable misogynistic bullying.”

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He explained how videos, like the one featuring Johnson, prompt true crime enthusiasts to engage in junk science like ‘body language examinations’, and causes them to miss the big picture: Depp’s history of abuse, both on-set and in private situations. 

In 2020, Depp lost a libel case against British newspaper The Sun after the judge declared the contents in the article were “substantially true” and found 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence had occurred. The article in question called Depp a ‘wife beater’ and claimed he had sexually assaulted Heard. 

Depp is currently being sued by a crew member who alleges the actor punched and berated him on set. 

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Travis Barker shares health update after he was hospitalised with ‘life threatening’ pancreatitis

After being hospitalised Tuesday in a medical emergency, Travis Barker has shared that he is “currently much better.”

The 46-year-old Blink-182 drummer and husband to Kourtney Kardashian shared a message regarding his health to fans through his official Instagram, explaining that he had a pancreatic drainage tube damaged during a routine endoscopy. He expressed his gratitude that he has begun to make a recovery.

“I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great,” Barker wrote. “I developed excruciating pain and have been hospitalised ever since.”

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“During the endoscopy, I had a very small polyp [a tissue growth] removed right in a very sensitive area, usually handled by specialists, which unfortunately damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube.

He added: “This resulted in severe life threatening pancreatitis.”

Pancreatitis refers to inflammation of the pancreas, which causes symptoms like nausea, intense stomach pain and vomiting.

“I am so very very grateful that with intensive treatment I am currently much better,” Barker’s messaged concludes.

Kardashian also shared a statement about Barker’s health through her own Instagram story.

“Oh what a scary and emotional week it has been. Our health is everything and sometimes we take for granted how quickly it can change,” Kardashian wrote.

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“I am so grateful to God for healing my husband, for all of us your prayers for him and and for us, for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support. I am so touched and appreciative. I am so so thankful to our specialists, doctors and nurses at Cedars Sinai for taking such wonderful care of my husband and me during our stay.”

The 46-year-old rocker was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for further care after first checking into West Hills Hospital and Medical Center on June 29.

She also uploaded then quickly deleted a TikTok with the caption, “Please say a prayer,” of her holding her father’s hand while he lay in a hospital bed.

The photo showed the drummer with hospital bands on both wrists, holding his phone in his right hand and wearing a black wrist brace on his left.

His daughter, Alabama Barker, shared a concerning message through her Instagram story that same day, asking fans to “Please send your prayers.”

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Hours before Barker was photographed being wheeled out of an ambulance in a stretcher, he tweeted out, “God save me.”

After beginning his career in the music industry in the 1990s, Barker has reached a renewed level of visibility in the public eye in recent months.

The drummer’s relationship with Kardashian was closely documented in episodes of The Kardashians last year. The pair officially married in Portofino, Italy in May.

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‘Heartstopper’ cast gives the finger to anti-LGBTQ protestors during London pride parade

The cast of hit Netflix show Heartstopper kept spirits high at Saturday’s Pride in London parade by giving anti-LGBTQ+ protesters the finger and drowning out their hate by singing and dancing to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody.’

In the video, Joe Locke, who plays protagonist Charlie Spring, and co-star Sebastian Croft raised their middle fingers at the protestors while cast members Kit Connor, Kizzy Edgell, Corinna Brown, and Tobie Donovan wore pride flags and sung and danced around them. 

Their musical interlude appears to have interrupted a small altercation between a protester and a march participant.

Locke later posted the video on social media. “Had to do my job properly,” he said. 

Actor Kit Connor praised his co-stars for their “powerful” response to anti-gay protesters.

“Please give them the credit for doing something so powerful,” Connor tweeted, revealing he filmed the footage.

Heartstopper debuted on Netflix earlier this year to widespread acclaim. According to Variety’s Trending TV chart, it has received 1.05 million engagements on Twitter, and earned 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. It also has an avid following among young audiences.

The show is based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic series of the same name. It follows teenagers Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Conner) as their friendship grows into something more.

It features a diverse cast of young LGBTQ+ actors and explores their relationships and stories through a hopeful lens.  

The series’ author said she wanted the show to, “inspire young people – especially LGBTQ+ young people – to be whoever they want to be, and to believe that they can find happiness and find love and find friendship, because it is a joyful story… everyone can get something out of it.”

Heartstopper is extremely popular across all age demographics, though older viewers who have watched the show have felt their joy plagued by an undercurrent of grief after watching the show.

One Twitter user said: “So happy for the younger generations to have this representation, but also forever sad for my adolescent self knowing what I went through and still living with the repercussions of it.” 

Heartstopper has been renewed for another two seasons, and more issues of its webcomic are on the way, although Oseman is currently on hiatus.

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Amber Heard calls for Depp trial verdict to be tossed and redone

Amber Heard’s legal team has requested the judgement served to her from her defamation case with ex-husband Johnny Depp be set aside and redone.

In a 43-page memorandum, the Aquaman star wrote that the judgment made by jurors during the June recent defamation case, which found her guilty on three claims of defamation, should be tossed on the grounds it was unsupported by evidence.

Heard, led by her team of lawyers, argues the award delivered against her by jurors was excessive, particularly given they concluded both she and Depp had defamed each other.

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More notably, however, Heard’s lawyers claim the jury did not have sufficient evidence to conclude Depp had lost roles and opportunities due to the op-ed article she wrote and had published in The Washington Post in 2018.

During the trial, the actor argued that he specifically lost his iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean because of statements made by Heard – though in the latest court filing, Heard’s legal team claims Depp’s career was already on rocky waters, including within the Pirates franchise.

Heard also claims one juror who served during the seven-week trial was not properly vetted by court officials, with their listed birth year being 1945 but the person appearing younger.

By placing a question mark to this juror, her legal team implies the person who stood in may have actually been a “fake juror”.

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The juror, identified in the filing as Juror 15, “was clearly born later than 1945. Publicly available information demonstrates that he appears to have been born in 1970,” the motion said.

The document furthers that while the court’s clerk is responsible for vetting all jurors, “it appears his identity could not have been verified” in this case.

Judge Penney Azcarate has indicated she is not inclined to schedule more hearings for the case, despite Heard’s legal team desiring an appeal.

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Azcarate has said that in order for Heard to appeal the trial, she will have to put up an $US8.35 million ($12.2 million) bond with an annual six per cent interest before an appeal could take shape.

Representatives have since admitted she does not have the money to pay Depp or the bond.

For now, Heard is left with a $US10 million ($14.7 million) judgment against her, meanwhile, Depp sees a $US2 million ($2.9 million) judgment against him for one single count of defamation.

Britney Spears’ former business manager helped create conservatorship, popstar’s attorney claims

Despite denying any involvement with Britney Spears’ conservatorship, the pop star’s former business manager Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group was directly involved in creating the legal arrangement, according to new court documents, filed by Spears’ attorney.

The filing claims that Tri Star received at least $18 million from the conservatorship. Tri Star and its founder, Lou Taylor, served as the superstar’s business managers from 2008 through 2020.

The company was hired by the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, around the time he placed his daughter under a conservatorship.

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The elder Spears was the singer’s conservator for most of the 13-year legal arrangement, before he was suspended by the court last September, ahead of the conservatorship being terminated fully in November.

Previously, Tri Star has said that it had no involvement in Spears’ conservatorship. But now, a new court filing from Spears’ lawyer Matthew Rosengart says that Tri Star and its employees, Taylor and Robin Greenhill, were intimately involved in facilitating the conservatorship.

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The legal documents reference emails, allegedly sent by Taylor, regarding the conservatorship.

“Tri Star, Lou Taylor, and Robin Greenhill have all denied that Tri Star was involved in the creation of the Conservatorship,” Rosengart’s filing states, referencing a sworn declaration from Greenhill that said, “At the time the conservatorship… was established by this Court in early 2008, Tri Star had no role in Ms. Spears’ affairs.”

The filing also references media interviews where Tri Star denied their involvement in the conservatorship.

“These denials by Tri Star and its representatives are false,” Rosengart writes. He also states that Tri Star received “$18-plus million from the conservatorship it helped create.”

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Scott Edelman, attorney for Tri Star, offered a response to the claims Saturday morning.

“This is materially misleading. As all the evidence makes abundantly clear, the conservatorship was set up on the recommendation of legal counsel, not Tri Star, and approved by the Court for more than 12 years,” Edelman wrote.

“In fact, Tri Star was not even the business manager for the conservatorship when it was established. Cherry-picked excerpts from emails cannot change the facts, which is why this nonsense will all end once and for all when records are unsealed.”

Rosengart has publicly pledged to fully investigate Tri Star. His firm brought on P.I. firm Kroll to conduct an investigation of the company’s conduct, in addition to her father’s.

In the new filing, emails obtained by Kroll show communications that were allegedly sent between Taylor, Spears’ father and his former lawyer, Geraldine Wyle. The emails indicate that Wyle was in communication with Taylor, prior to the conservatorship being put in place in February 2008.

“[Andrew Wallet] and Tri Star will serve as co’s [with] you,” Taylor allegedly wrote in an email to Spears’ father on Jan. 17, 2008, stating that she had spoken to Wyle and her co-counsel. “I look forward to working with you,” Taylor wrote to Wyle.

On Jan. 30, 2008, Wyle allegedly wrote an email to Taylor, which stated: “We have run into a problem with [the] judge selection… the only judge who will be able to hear our case on Friday is the one drug [sic] who will not give Jamie the power to administer psychotropic drugs” to Britney Spears.

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Emails referenced in the filing appear to indicate that Taylor wanted to be a co-conservator. In an alleged email from Feb. 2008, Taylor wrote, “I am the right person for this.”

“I have fought for Jamie for 3 years, prayed and fasted with him every week and life has changed drastically because of this determination,” Taylor allegedly wrote in an email from 2008.

Variety has reached out to Charles Harder, an attorney for Tri Star, for comment on Rosengart’s filing, and to verify the authenticity of the emails referenced that were allegedly sent by his client, Taylor.

He also states that Tri Star received “$18-plus million from the conservatorship it helped create

Rosengart has been fighting against Tri Star ever since he was retained by Spears as her attorney in summer 2021. He has accused the company of “stonewalling” his attempts to obtain information for his client. In this new filing, Rosengart states that the reason Tri Star is failing to cooperate is because they were directly involved in the creation of the conservatorship, despite saying otherwise.

Spears’ father and Tri Star have been the subject of damning accusations from the singer, who has said that they were abusive towards her and financially benefitted off of her during her conservatorship.

A report in the New York Times alleged the star was under surveillance from a security team hired by her father and that Tri Star was involved in monitoring the singer’s phone. At the time, a lawyer for Tri Star told the Times, “These allegations are not true.”

Just this past week, an attorney for Spears’ father, Alex Weingarten, filed a sworn declaration denying having any awareness of his adult daughter’s private bedroom being bugged or authorizing surveillance of the pop star.

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“I am informed of the allegation by Britney’s counsel that a listening device or ‘bug’ was placed her bedroom as surveillance during the Conservatorship. This allegation is false,” the declaration from Spears’ father states.

“I never conducted or authorized any surveillance of Britney’s bedroom at any time, including during the Conservatorship. I am not aware of any such surveillance having occurred.”

Variety has reached out to Weingarten for additional comment on the July 1 filing, regarding Tri Star’s involvement in the conservatorship.

While the surveillance allegations have largely focused on Spears’ father and the security team he was alleged to have hired, Tri Star has been at the centre of extensive claims of financial mismanagement.

In December 2021, Tri Star was later subject of an exposé in the New York Times, titled “Britney Spears Felt Trapped. Her Business Manager Benefited,” which raised financial questions about Tri Star’s founder Lou Taylor and whether she improperly enriched herself with the singer’s earnings while she was her manager.

In the Times piece, both Taylor and Jamie Spears denied any impropriety through attorneys.

Taylor’s lawyer, Harder, said Tri Star “faithfully served the estate” and helped Ms. Spears build an estimated $60 million fortune, which he said “is a success by any standard.”

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Now, in this new filing, Rosengart states that, through its role in Spears’ conservatorship, Tri Star not only benefited at least $18 million from Spears’ estate, but also “built its company on the back of Britney Spears,” now representing stars ranging from the Kardashian family to Travis Scott.

“Despite its integral role at the time the conservatorship was established, despite reaping at least $18 million from Britney Spears while she was a conservatee, and despite building its brand on Ms. Spears’s name and incredible talent and hard work… when Tri Star’s counsel was informally asked by the undersigned counsel in late 2021 for basic of information concerning the conservatorship… Tri Star, like Mr. Spears, chose to stonewall and obfuscate,” Rosengart writes.

More than seven months after the pop star’s conservatorship was terminated, her legal battle persists. Aside from this new filing pertaining to Tri Star, Rosengart also continues to fight against her father.

The elder Spears recently requested his daughter be deposed to address her social media posts in which she has made claims about his behaviour towards her throughout the conservatorship.

Rosengart slammed that request, stating in a filing this week that his client’s father is seeking “revenge” through a “sham deposition,” while avoiding his own deposition.

The next hearing, which is expected to touch on all these matters, is set for July 13 at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse.

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Lindsay Lohan announces marriage to Bader Shammas

In an Instagram post published on Saturday, Lindsay Lohan revealed the surprise news she is now married to her fiancé Bader Shammas.

In the post, which was uploaded on the actress’s birthday, Lohan referred to Shammas as her “husband”.

“I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband,” the Mean Girls star said.

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A source confirmed to People the couple are indeed married after a secret ceremony.

Lohan and Shammas started dating a few years ago and somewhat inadvertently announced their relationship on Instagram.

A now-deleted group photo Lohan posted in February 2020 featured the couple surrounded by a few famous faces, and in the caption, Lohan mentioned her ‘boyfriend’. 

This sparked romance rumours for months.

They publicly announced their engagement in November 2021 in a post where the happy couple showed off the dazzling ring. Lohan wrote, “My love. My life. My family. My future.”

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According to People, Shammas is an Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse, a financial services company. The couple currently live in Dubai.

Lohan first rose to fame at the age of 11 after starring in the 1998 film The Parent Trap. She then featured in quintessential 2000s films such as Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Mean Girls. She is also a singer-songwriter whose music has previously charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

After battling with some personal issues for a few years, Lohan made an acting comeback in Netflix’s 2021 Falling for Christmas, a Christmas rom-com. 

She was also slated to join the judging panel of The Masked Singer in Australia but was unable to travel to Melbourne due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Adele stops Hyde Park performance mid-way to help struggling fan

Powerhouse singer Adele stopped mid-way through a song to help a fan during her performance on Friday night.

While performing her hit-song ‘Skyfall’, Adele spotted a struggling fan in the crowd at London’s Hyde Park. She stopped singing and immediately called for assistance.

“Stop, stop, stop. I need security’s help,” she said. “Right in the middle there, can you see where they’re waving?” Watch above.

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The British singer asked people in the crowd to make way for the help team and was met with applause and cheers from the audience. 

Adele then watched security make its way to the fan, and as soon as she could see they were okay, she headed straight back into performance mode.

“Right, let’s start again,” she told the audience.

The entire situation took less than one minute to resolve. Adele’s response was met with praise from her live audience, and online commenters after a video was uploaded onto Twitter.

“Love her,” said one Twitter user. Another commented, “What Travis should’ve done,” in reference to the 2021 Astroworld Festival incident.

During Travis Scott’s performance, at the music festival in November of last year, the extremely packed audience pit began to push forward, which led to a fatal crowd crush and killed 10 people.

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Scott started and stopped his show a few times to address some crowd members, but was largely criticised for not doing enough. Members of the audience were chanting for him to stop the entire set, but the show continued for another half hour. 

He was met with fierce backlash in the aftermath of the tragedy, and many took to Twitter with examples of artists like Adele and Billie Eilish efficiently addressing crowd issues to highlight Scott’s culpability in the Astroworld casualties.

Adele’s 2017 concert at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium was the biggest single concert in Australian history with more than 100,000 attendees.

Though she has recently discussed returning, the popstar currently has no concrete plans to tour Australia. 

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Lena Headey sued for $1.5 million over her cut Thor: Love and Thunder role

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is being sued for $1.5 million by her former U.K. agency Troika over unpaid commission fees relating to a number of projects including the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder.

Troika, which re-branded as YMU in 2020, claims Headey owes the agency at least $500,000 – equivalent to 7% of her fee – for her earnings on the Marvel movie.

Variety can confirm that Headey does not appear in the final cut of Thor: Love and Thunder, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. The film is set for release next week.

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Reps for Headey and Marvel did not reply to Variety’s requests for comment by publication time.

According to court documents, Headey joined Troika in 2005 after following her personal rep, Michael Duff, there from his previous agency Lou Coulson Associates.

Duff co-founded Troika, which in 2017 merged with the James Grant Group. In 2018 the agency was acquired by a private equity firm and re-branded as YMU.

Duff left Troika/YMU in early 2020 and Headey left the agency in May of that year.

However, Troika/YMU claims that under the terms of their agreement Headey still owes the agency commission fees on a number of projects including Thor: Love and Thunder as well as at least $300,000 on the film 9 Bullets, in which Headey starred alongside Sam Worthington in a lead role, and $650,000 for Showtime dramedy series Rita, an adaptation of a Danish series of the same name.

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Headey was set to play the titular Rita character, but the show didn’t secure a series order beyond its pilot episode.

Troika are seeking an account of commission fees owed, an order for Headey to pay the fees, damages for breach of contract, interest and reimbursement of legal fees.

In her defence, Headey claims she never signed any contract with Troika or with Duff, and that both parties were acting on an oral agreement formed when Duff was still at Lou Carl Associates in the late 1990s.

Her filings also point out that Troika was never Headey’s sole agent, as she is also represented by CAA in the U.S.

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More specifically, Headey disputes that Troika has any claim to commission on Thor: Love and Thunder – which she says came about after director Taika Waititi approached her directly – or 9 Bullets, neither of which were negotiated by Troika or Duff.

Meanwhile on Rita, Headey says she only ever received $325,000 for the pilot episode, of which Troika has already been paid $22,750, and that “no further episodes are planned.”

A rep for YMU did not reply to Variety by press time. Lawyers for Headey and YMU also did not respond by press time.

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Robbie Williams locked in to headline 2022 AFL Grand Final

Robbie Williams has been booked to headline the 2022 AFL Grand Final in September.

The official AFL site confirmed the ‘Let Me Entertain You’ singer will perform in front of thousands of footy fans as the pre-game entertainment.

Williams is set to open the Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and will pick his own band for the performance, which will feature Australian musicians. 

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“I am so excited to be performing for all the fans, on the hallowed turf of the MCG, for the biggest game of the year,” Williams said in a video statement.

“I’m really looking forward to performing with a cast of very talented local Australian musicians and I can’t wait to see you all on that last Saturday in September.

He added: “If it goes well, I might even put my hand up to be the next CEO of the AFL.

Alongside Williams, a number of Australian acts will also be involved in the pre-game entertainment. 

“Robbie Williams is considered one of the world’s greatest showmen and to have him perform in the Telstra pre-game entertainment, along a with a cast of Australian acts to be announced shortly, will be the perfect way to open the 2022 Toyota AFL Grand Final,” the League’s manager of commercial and customer Kylie Rogers said.

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The British hitmaker was also in Melbourne earlier this year to film his upcoming biopic, Better Man.

Several big-name music acts have headed Down Under to perform in front of crowds of footy fans at the AFL Grand Final over the years. 

At the 2021 event, Men At Work’s Colin Hay was the headliner, performing the band’s iconic song ‘Down Under’ via video link.

The 2020 Grand Final included a line-up of Australian performers including the bands Sheppard and Cub Sport.

Some of the biggest international acts to grace the AFL stage includes Ed Sheeran in 2014, Meat Loaf in 2011 and The Killers, who headlined in 2017.

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Ricky Martin faces a $3 million lawsuit involving a ‘career-ending’ allegation

Ricky Martin’s ex-manager, Rebecca Drucker has sued the singer for $3 million in unpaid commissions during her period of employment wherein helped him settle a “potential career-ending allegation” and “saved [his] career.”

Drucker worked as Martin’s talent manager from 2014-2018 and 2020-2022. Her legal counsel claims “Martin made millions of dollars and therefore owes Rebecca substantial commissions,” and in one notable example she helped navigate him through an almost-catastrophic allegation.

According to Los Angeles Central District Court documents, in September 2020 Martin received a letter from an attorney who threatened to publicly file a complaint against the singer if he did not monetarily resolve a claim levelled against him by the attorney’s client. 

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“After reading the legal letter, Martin collapsed. He expressed his extreme fear to Rebecca that if this threat were carried out, the consequences to Martin would be catastrophic.”

Allegedly, Drucker helped bring in “top litigation counsel” to handle the matter, and the claim “ultimately never saw the light of day.” 

The documents also allege Drucker managed contracts, touring sponsorships, and general advice while the Latin pop singer fomented a toxic work environment where he constantly mistreated, manipulated, and lied to her. These conditions compelled her to resign more than once.

After her first resignation, the documents claim Martin’s career took a nosedive.  

“Martin’s business and finances suffered. His relationship with his advisors fractured. Martin’s personal life was in disarray.”

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When he re-hired her in 2020, his career flourished. But according to the lawsuit, Drucker was once again forced to take on tasks beyond her pay grade.

“She was forced to deal with a litany of Martin’s personal issues, such as problems with the nanny he hired to care for his children, Martin’s non-payment of taxes, and his substance abuse, among other issues.”

Drucker threatened to quit again in 2021 and in response, Martin begged her to stay in return for a ten per cent commission on gross income instead of the previously agreed five per cent.

This prompted her to withdraw her resignation, and she continued to work with the signer for another year.

During this time, the work environment remained toxic, Martin’s company ignored and refused her requests for payment, and they eventually pressured her to resign.

Drucker alleges, “Martin has now threatened Rebecca and is attempting to force her to sign an agreement with a nondisclosure clause to silence Rebecca about the abhorrent behaviour by Martin that she has both witnessed and endured.”

Drucker has refused to sign the NDA and has instead chosen to sue him for the millions in a trial by jury. 

Ricky Martin gained significant notoriety in Australia when he judged three seasons of The Voice from 2012-2014.

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The Shining and Blade Runner actor Joe Turkel dies age 94

Joe Turkel, the prolific character actor well known for his roles in The Shining and Blade Runner, died at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California on Monday, a representative has confirmed to Variety. He was 94.

A prolific performer with over 100 credits in various films and TV shows, Turkel is best known for his supporting roles in three Stanley Kubrick films, including his first feature The Killing, Paths of Glory and The Shining, where he played the often-parodied role of the ghostly bartender Lloyd.

He also had a prominent role in the original 1982 Blade Runner, as eccentric replicant creator Eldon Tyrell.

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Turkel was born in Brooklyn in 1927, and joined the U.S. Army at age 17, serving in Europe during World War II.

Following the war, he moved to California to pursue acting, and landed his first film credit with City Across the River in 1948.

Over the course of the next four decades, Turkel worked extensively, with notable films including King Rat, The Sand Pebbles, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and his final film The Dark Side of the Moon.

He also appeared in three of director Bert I. Gordon’s films: Tormented, The Boy and the Pirates and Village of the Giants.

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On TV, he appeared in episodes of popular shows such as The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Sky King, Tales from the Darkside, The Lone Ranger, S.W.A.T, Adam-12, Ironside, The Andy Griffith Show, Ben Casey, The Untouchables, Dragnet, Miami Vice and Bonanza.

His final credit before retiring was a voice role in a 1997 Blade Runner video game spinoff.

According to a representative, prior to his death Turkel completed a memoir titled “The Misery of Success,” which his family plans to publish later this year.

Turkel is survived by his two sons, two daughter-in-laws and his brother David Turkel.

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Freeze Frame: The true story behind the infamous ‘side eye’ photo of Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield

It’s one of the most iconic celebrity photos in history – the infamous ‘side eye’ from Italian actress Sophia Loren as she gazed enviably at fellow Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield.

The picture, which was taken by Joe Shere in 1957 at a dinner banquet at Romanoff’s in Beverley Hills, quickly became an international sensation.

Shere’s photo was plastered over every newspaper and magazine in the late ’50s and is still widely referenced today, over 65 years later.

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Even though the photograph’s backdrop was a party held to welcome Loren into Hollywood, Mansfield stole the show with her low-cut dress as she was seated next to the Houseboat actress.

“If looks could kill” is a fitting quote to describe the star’s reaction to Mansfield – and as Loren attested in 2014, it was exactly what it looked like.

“Paramount had organized a party for me. All of cinema was there, it was incredible. And then comes in Jayne Mansfield, the last one to come,” Loren, now aged 87, recalled to Entertainment Weekly.

Actually, many, many times I am given this photo to autograph it. And I never do

“For me, that was when it got amazing…  She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching. She sat down. And now, she was barely… Listen. Look at the picture. Where are my eyes?”

Mansfield’s braless appearance at the banquet in Loren’s honour was labelled a publicity stunt.

It seemed Mansfield wanted to upstage Loren, who was quickly being regarded as Hollywood’s new golden age bombshell.

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And the outspoken Italian actress didn’t mince her words when she spoke about Mansfield’s infamous backless satin dress.

“I’m staring at her nipples because I am afraid they are about to come onto my plate. In my face you can see the fear. I’m so frightened that everything in her dress is going to blow—BOOM!—and spill all over the table,” she added.

And Loren said that while there were other pictures of herself smiling at Mansfield throughout that night in 1957, her mind stayed firmly on that dress.

“No, no. Well, there may be other photos, but this is the picture,” she admitted. “This is the one that shows how it was. This is the only picture.”

However, having one photo from her early ’20s define her entire career has been a bitter pill to swallow for Loren.

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Even though she has over 90 film credits to her name, fans often associate Loren with Mansfield and that infamous “side eye” glance.

In 2012, she told Vanity Fair she was reluctant to give interviews for a long time.

“My life is not a fairy tale, and it’s painful still to speak about it,” she said.

Loren also said she is often asked to autograph a copy of the photo, a request she routinely denies.

“Actually, many, many times I am given this photo to autograph it. And I never do,” she admitted.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with that. And also out of respect for Jayne Mansfield because she’s not with us anymore.”

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Mansfield died at the age of 33 in 1967 in a car crash after a brief but memorable career as a leading Hollywood sex symbol.

Loren, meanwhile, has been acting for over 50 years, and her latest film credit was in 2002, a Netflix film titled The Life Ahead.

She has also penned a memoir called ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Life’.

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Kevin Bacon reveals ‘aftermath’ of Footloose dance attempt with injured wife Kyra Sedgwick

After trying out a tricky Footloose dance move with his wife, fans are a little worried for Kevin Bacon’s dance partner.

The 63-year-old shared a concerning update of eager learner Kyra Sedgwick, who got roped into trying out a viral dance challenge he saw on TikTok.

Bacon shared the pair’s performance footage yesterday, which you can watch above.

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“The aftermath of nailing a TikTok dance #Footloose,” Bacon captioned the photo, which shows poor Sedgwick icing a sore wrist.

In the video, posted this week, Bacon and Sedgwick test their coordination skills as they try out a Footloose-themed dance challenge that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok.

The challenge requires two dance partners, with one hopping into the other’s arms, to then be flipped over into a funky, hanging pose.

It’s an impressive feat for any amateur duo, and Bacon and Sedgwick definitely proved they could do it. But at what cost?

At the cost of Sedgwick’s wrist joints, it seems.

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Bacon posted the video with the caption: “I don’t remember this being part of the original #Footloose choreography, but figured we’d give it a spin.”

And give it a spin they did.

Sedgwick, who married Bacon in 1988, appears all smiles in the video. A true pro.

The Hollywood couple first met in 1987, after working on the film Lemon Sky together.

While Bacon says he fell for her quite fast, famously telling Piers Morgan in 2014,”I found her, you know, really very beautiful and sexy and aloof,” it was not the same for Sedgwick.

Sedgwick was reportedly fond of Bacon’s work, but needed to get to know the actor before she fell head over heels.

“He definitely wasn’t my type. In fact, I vividly remember looking at his butt when he walked away after we first met and thinking, ‘Well, I guess some girls like that,'” she told Redbook in 2008.

But the courting definitely took place, and soon enough, Sedgwick found herself completely smitten by Bacon, who proved himself to be “incredibly sweet”.

The pair now share two adult children, Travis, 33, and Sosie, 30, and live across three beautiful properties in New York, Los Angeles and a family farm in Connecticut.

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The Crown’s Claire Foy allegedly subject to threats of sexual assault across one thousand emails sent by a stalker who also showed up to her house

According to the BBC and other UK media reports, The Crown‘s Claire Foy has, a London court heard, been subjected to harassment and threats from a stalker who also came to her house.

The 38-year-old actress received 1000 emails in a month from 39-year-old Jason Penrose, who allegedly threatened to rape Foy and went to her house, repeatedly ringing her doorbell.

Foy was reportedly granted a temporary Stalking Protection Order against Penrose earlier this year, and the hearing, which has been adjourned until July 22, was to determine if Penrose will receive a full Stalking Protection Order.

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The Highbury Corner Magistrates Court in north London was reportedly told on June 30 London time – overnight Australian time – that Penrose bombarded Foy’s publicist Emma Jackson with emails about raping the actress, and said in the emails he wanted to be her significant other.

Jackson forwarded the emails on to Foy’s agent, who also was sent emails but had blocked Penrose’s – the sender – account.

It was on December 17, 2021, that Foy called the police alleging that after Penrose showed up at her house and rang her doorbell “constantly,” according to court documents.

In February 2022, Foy was, as a result, granted a temporary Stalking Protection Order, which banned Penrose from contacting Foy and her publicist, Jackson, as well as going to their homes, workplaces, or any other location it would reasonably expected they be.

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Court documents, cited by multiple media outlets, reportedly reveal the first email sent by Penrose was to Jackson at 9.30pm on November 2, 2021, and said, “I’m sorry I think Claire should not be talking about any personal stuff in media and only creative business because it’s a very…”

After that email, Penrose began sending them to Jackson and Foy’s agent more frequently, and court documents indicate that they also became more graphic.

“The emails Ms Jackson continued to receive were quite graphic and talked about Ms Foy being raped, wh–ing herself out and wanting her to be his girlfriend,” court documents say.

The documents suggest that Penrose “pose[s] a risk associated with stalking” and “there is a reasonable cause to believe the proposed order is necessary to protect another from such a risk.”

While the first email was sent in November 2021, Foy and Jackson initially became aware of Penrose in August and September of that year, respectively, as around that time, Foy’s agent asked the actress about Penrose wanting her to be in a film he was making.

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Rosa Bennathan, who is prosecuting the case on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, reportedly told the court that Penrose also contacted Foy’s sister.

“It is clear an order is necessary. There have been some breaches of the order which are currently being investigated by the police,” Bennathan submitted to the court.

Penrose, who had to ask to be represented by a lawyer at the hearing, could face up to five years in prison if he is charged with and found guilty of breaching the temporary Stalking Protection Order. If a full Stalking Protection Order is granted against Penrose, however, that would be a civil rather than criminal matter.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, call 000.

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