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Ted Nugent tests positive for COVID-19 after downplaying pandemic: ‘I thought I was dying’

Ted Nugent, who once referred to COVID-19 as “not a real pandemic,” revealed that he was in immense pain after contracting the virus.

While recording a Facebook live video at his Michigan ranch, the ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ singer revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

“I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days,” Nugent said. “I thought I was dying. Just a clusterf–k. I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese shit. I’ve got a stuffed-up head, body aches.”

Calling the virus “a pain in the ass,” the singer said he could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days. Despite this, Nugent said that he wouldn’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccine because he claims that “nobody knows what’s in it.”

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“A vaccine that was authorised in four months compared to every other vaccine that took years of adequate testing,” Nugent said. “Have you seen what’s in it?”

The rock star, who was a supporter of former President Donald Trump, previously called the pandemic a scam and has falsely claimed that the official COVID-19 death count is an inflated number.

“They claim 500,000 people have died from COVID-19,” Nugent said in another Facebook live stream. “Bullshit. I believe that medical examiners in all 50 states have gone, ‘I put down on the death certificate that he died of asphyxiation, but they made me put COVID.'”

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Nugent, who used racial slurs to refer to the COVID-19 virus, called himself “anti-racist” in a Facebook live stream last month.

“Everybody who pays attention, not the ones who call me a racist, but the people who are actually honest and pay attention know that I have paid homage and reverence to the Black heroes of music all my life, which means I’m the anti-racist,” Nugent said. “So if you find somebody who calls Ted Nugent a racist, you are looking at a subhuman piece of s–t who lives a lie.”

Oscars 2021: Where to watch the Best Picture nominees

It’s Oscars time!

The 93rd Academy Awards are happening from 10am Monday (AEST) and here’s how you can watch this year’s movies nominated for movie of the year in Australia — whether via streaming or in Australian cinemas.

Judas and the Black Messiah

We first came to love the pairing of Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield in Jordan Peele’s 2017 social horror film Get Out.

Kaluuya and Stanfield are now both nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for their roles as Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and the man the government used to help infiltrate Hampton’s organisation, William O’Neal, respectively.

It is currently in cinemas.


This black-and-white drama about the making of Citizen Kane as told through its screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (played by Gary Oldman who is nominated for best actor) is a Netflix original and can still be found streaming there.

Amanda Seyfried (who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress) and Charles Dance co-star in the David Fincher (up for Best Director) directed film.


This tale of a Korean-American family relocating to Arkansas to pursue the American dream feels both timely and timeless.

Steven Yeun stars as the family patriarch and he is the first Asian-American to ever be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.

His costar Yuh-Jung Youn is the first Korean actress nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Minari is available to pre-order on Apple TV or you can watch it in cinemas now.


Frances McDormand is often the belle of the Oscars ball and it will remains to be seen if that happens again this year.

Nomadland stars the esteemed actress as a woman who joins a community of van dwellers who travel across the country doing gig work.

Director Chloé Zhao is also nominated.

The film is available to watch in cinemas.

Promising Young Woman

Carey Mulligan stars a woman who lives a secret double life and is out to get revenge for a crime committed.

Like McDormand, she’s nominated for Best Actress and the film’s director, Emerald Fennell, is also nominated — marking the first time two women are nominated in the directing category.

Promising Young Woman is available to rent on Apple TV, Google Play and Prime Video or to watch in cinemas.

Sound of Metal

Riz Ahmed’s portrayal of a heavy-metal drummer losing his hearing has made him the first Muslim to be nominated in the best actor category.

Is available to rent on Apple TV, Google Play and Prime Video or to watch in select cinemas.

The Father

At 83 years young, this film’s star, Sir Anthony Hopkins, is the oldest Best Actor nominee in the history of the Awards.

Hopkins stars as a man struggling as he slips into dementia and Olivia Colman portrays his daughter. Colman is nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

The Father can be seen in cinemas now.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

An intended peaceful protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention turned violent and resulted in the organizers, including Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale, being charged with conspiracy to incite a riot.

Their trial became the basis for this film, which nabbed six nominations, including Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Sacha Baron Cohen.

The movie is streaming on Netflix.

YouTube star Sophia Grace Brownlee celebrates 18th birthday a decade on from her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since YouTube sensation Sophia Grace Brownlee sang her little heart out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Aged just eight years old, Sophia and her cousin, Rosie McClelland, became internet stars after their performance of the Nicki Minaj song, Super Bass, went viral. After the duo from Essex, England, became loved the world over, host Ellen DeGeneres then invited them to be regular correspondents on the talk show. 

But now, one decade on, Sophia is all grown up and celebrating her milestone 18th birthday.

“18 💕My golden Birthday,” she wrote on Instagram.

Naturally, 14-year-old Rosie was a part of the festivities as they celebrated the occasion with family and friends.

“Happy 18th Birthday for yesterday!” she wrote in a belated Instagram post while sharing some photos from the event.

“Forgot to post these 🤩 Had the best day celebrating with you and love you so much 💗 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻.”

The cousins have always been super-close. In fact, when DeGeneres discovered them back in 2011, Sophia Grace wouldn’t go on the show unless Rosie was by her side. And their bond has only strengthened over the years.

“Our bond will never be broke, our memories will never be forgotten and our funny little sayings and our own silly language will never get boring! Thank you for all we have shared, love you,” Rosie once gushed of her cousin on Instagram. 

Since appearing on the program, Sophia Grace and Rosie have starred in movies, written books and recorded music.

In 2019, Rosie dropped her debut song titled ‘LaLa’ about finding herself and her place in this world, and this year she released the new track ‘Throw It Away’.

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Everything you need to know about Demi Lovato’s feud with The Bigg Chill Frozen Yoghurt Shop

Things are a bit frosty between songstress Demi Lovato and Los Angeles-based frozen yoghurt shop The Bigg Chill.

Over the weekend, the 28-year-old took to her Instagram story to blast The Bigg Chill for all the “diet foods” they offer, which the ‘Dancing with the Devil’ singer said made it “extremely hard to order froyo” from them.

Lovato has been open about her body image issues and past struggles with disordered eating, even previously speaking about how her former management team would watch her the night before photo shoots to make sure she didn’t binge eat.

The Bigg Chill, however, released a statement addressing Lovato’s “triggering and awful” experience, which prompted a frenzy of backlash towards Lovato from patrons of the frozen yoghurt store, Lovato’s fans (also known as Lovatics) and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Piers Morgan.

Here’s what happened between Demi Lovato and The Bigg Chill frozen yoghurt shop.

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What did Demi Lovato say about The Bigg Chill?

Lovato shared a text post to her Instagram story over the weekend, saying she was “finding it extremely hard to order from @thebiggchillofficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter.”

She ended the story slide saying “do better please” and using the hashtag #dietculturevultures.

The froyo shop responded to Lovato’s initial story by sharing it to their own Instagram story, @thebiggchillofficial, tagging Lovato and writing underneath: “We carry items for Diabetics, Celiac disease, Vegan and of course have many indulgent items as well.”

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In true Hollywood fashion, the matter was not settled with that simple exchange.

Lovato then went on to post screenshots to her Instagram story, which appeared to be a series of private messages exchanged between herself and the shop.

“We are not diet vultures. We cater to all of our customers needs for the past 36 years. We are sorry you found this offensive,” The Bigg Chill appeared to write in a message to Lovato.

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer responded, detailing more concerns.

“Not just that. Your service was terrible. So rude,” she wrote. “The whole experience was triggering and awful. You can carry things for other people while also caring for another percentage of your customers who struggle DAILY just to even step foot in your store.

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“You can find a way to provide an inviting environment for all people with different needs. Including eating disorders — one of the deadliest mental illnesses only second to opios overdoses. Don’t make excuses, just do better.”

Lovato’s post sparked backlash online, but not necessarily towards The Bigg Chill.

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How did fans react to Demi Lovato’s beef with The Bigg Chill?

As this was all unfolding via Instagram stories, if any fans had something to say about it, it was kept between them and Lovato in their direct messages.

A surprisingly vocal clapback, however, came from Real Housewives of New York City star and fashion designer Leah McSweeney, 38, who weighed in on the controversy via her own Instagram Stories.

In a six-slide rant, McSweeney blasted Lovato over the weekend for using her large platform to “drag” The Bigg Chill, which is a small women-led business, rather than addressing the wider issues at hand.

“Demi Lovato should be ashamed of herself for using her platform of 102 million people following her on Instagram to drag a frozen yogurt spot because she’s mad that they sell diet frozen yogurt and sugar-free options because that triggers her,” McSweeney said.

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“Therefore, they should just be harassed and go out of business. What the f–k?”

While the reality star expressed sympathy for Lovato’s history of struggling with eating disorders, she also questioned why a whole industry should change in order to meet her needs.

“What about people who just don’t want to f—king eat regular ice cream and want to eat some sugar-free frozen yogurt?” she said. “I want that s—t sometimes.”

McSweeney also noted that people with diabetes cannot have sugar.

The fashion designer concluded her tirade saying it was “absolutely disgusting” of Lovato to call out a small business when she has “millions and millions” of followers and that her actions were of the “ultimate privilege”.

McSweeney then shared one of The Bigg Chill’s Instagram posts to her story, showing her support for the small froyo store.

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Has Demi Lovato or The Bigg Chill responded?

Although Lovato has not addressed McSweeney’s comments directly, she has continued to comment on the drama.

As McSweeney was posting her stories, Lovato posted to her own again, this time with a screenshot of a message she had sent to The Bigg Chill with suggestions on how to make the store more inclusive.

“I was thinking, maybe it would help if you made it more clear that the sugar free options and vegan options are for [health needs]. Labeling the snacks for celiac or diabetes or vegans,” she began.

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“When it’s not super clear, the messaging gets confusing and being in LA it’s really hard to distinguish diet culture vs health needs. I think clearer messaging would be more beneficial for everyone.

“You aren’t wrong for catering to many different needs but it’s about not excluding one demographic to cater to others.” 

On top of the screenshot, she wrote, “Keeping this transparent even tho I’m done.”

At this stage, it seems The Bigg Chill has not responded publicly to Lovato’s more recent messages.

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Has Demi Lovato apologised to The Bigg Chill?

On Tuesday morning, Lovato posted an eight-minute-long video to her Instagram TV, where she addressed the backlash she had received, apologised for upsetting people with her comments, and said her “message has gotten misconstrued.”

Lovato said her initial intention when messaging “this froyo place” was to “make a point” and “call out behaviours or branding things that didn’t sit right with [her].”

“As someone who deals with an eating disorder and is in recovery from an eating disorder, I still to this day have a hard time walking into a froyo shop, ordering yogurt and being content with it and keeping it down,” she said.

“I know that seems like not a huge deal to a lot of people, but to me it is.”

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The Disney alum explained her in-store experience further, saying that it “wasn’t clear” to her that the “diet” and “health food” options were “for specific health needs.”

“I definitely jumped to conclusions and probably shouldn’t have gone about this the way that I have,” she said.

“But I’m willing to talk to this froyo shop to help get the messaging right.”

Lovato then revealed why the experience was so profound for her, saying that frozen yoghurt was something she used to eat at the height of her eating disorder “because it was low in calorie[s] and it just felt safe to me.”

“That’s why I’m super sensitive when I walk into a froyo place and I see diet stuff.”

She said her struggle with disordered eating “is a hard thing to live with” daily, and she said it is different from her drug addictions as she cannot walk away from food.

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“I have to eat three times a day. This is something that will be with me for the rest of my life,” she said.

“I left that yogurt store and didn’t get the yogurt that I wanted. And then I had a hard time the rest of the weekend, to be totally transparent.” 

Lovato concluded her video emphasising that she never intended to drag “a small business as someone with lots of followers.”

She said that while she “feels good” about “speaking up” about her experience in the store, she does not feel good about “the way it’s been interpreted and how the message has gotten misconstrued.”

“I’m genuinely sorry that people took it the wrong way. I just get really passionate,” she said. “It’s never coming out of a place of hate, it’s always coming out of a place of love and trying to lift people up. I understand that didn’t lift the froyo place up, but I’m upset and that’s all that that was.”

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She said she is open to working with The Bigg Chill on their messaging so that people with eating disorders, like herself, “feel safe going in there” and can eat the froyo they go there for.

Fans had mixed reviews of her apology in the comments.

One fan said, “And that’s just that. I stand with you boo. 💗”

Another said, “You are amazing thank you for your passion and using your platform to make a difference 😍”

Other fans, however, were not impressed.

“Girl. I love you but you’re reaching here,” a fan commented.

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Another said, “I’m just confused by the not being aware of the fact that there are people that are diabetic, people that are vegan, and people that have a gluten allergy. None of this is new. Also if products are specifically labeled as such that’s singling those specific groups out and not everyone wants to make it known that they are a diabetic.”

The Bigg Chill has yet to comment on Lovato’s video.

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What is Demi Lovato’s history with body image issues and eating disorders?

Demi Lovato has been open with her struggles with body image, disordered eating, addiction and mental health.

The singer-slash-dancer-slash-actress, who has a net worth of US$40 million (approx. $51.3 million), has been in the public eye ever since she was a child, beginning her acting career in 2002 starring as Angela on Barney & Friends.

Her breakout role was in Disney‘s 2008 musical film, Camp Rock, where she played the main character, Mitchie Torres, who was also Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas‘ love interest.

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The triple threat often speaks about how the pressure of being famous negatively impacted her battle with addiction, eating disorders and mental health.

Lovato overdosed on heroin laced with fentanyl in 2018 and opened up about how close she was to dying in Dancing With the Devil, her four-part documentary series on YouTube.

She also told Paper magazine that when she got out of rehab in 2018, she wanted “to give up” after seeing articles calling her “morbidly obese”.

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The star has had a turbulent three years in recovery since her overdose in 2018, having also recently called off her two-month engagement to 29-year-old actor Max Ehrich.

Lovato is not currently in a relationship and credits her relationship with Ehrich for helping her realise “how queer [she] really [is].

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How is Piers Morgan involved with Demi Lovato’s feud?

True to his brand, Piers Morgan has inserted himself into Lovato’s drama with The Bigg Chill, taking to Twitter late last night — prior to Lovato’s apology this morning — to urge his followers to read a column he wrote about “dumb”, “deluded” Lovato and her “vile attempt to bully, shame and ruin” what he calls his “favourite frozen yoghurt store.”

In his column on Daily Mail, the 56-year-old Morgan said he was “triggered” by the singer, and said that while she may have “set out to shame” the froyo store, “all she did was shame herself.”

“Who the hell does Demi Lovato think she is?” Morgan commented on Demi Lovato.

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Twitter users were not impressed, with one saying: “Piers misogyny Morgan. Hates woman. Even more so if they are of colour. Calls people out for bullying yet uses his platform and profile to publicly bully women…”

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Morgan retorted: “a) I love women (but not all of them). b) I love women of colour (but not all of them). c) The bully in this story is Demi Lovato.  d) My criticism has nothing to do with her gender or skin colour — it’s because she’s tried to ruin a small family business in a pandemic.”

Neither Demi Lovato nor The Bigg Chill have publicly responded to Piers Morgan.

If you, or someone you know needs support relating to eating disorders, please call The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673. In an emergency, call 000.

If you, or someone you know would like to talk to someone confidentially about addiction, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit Reach Out. In an emergency, call 000.

If you or anyone you know needs immediate support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or via In an emergency, call 000.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s complete relationship timeline

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson are no doubt one of Hollywood’s power couples.

Just like the plot of a Hollywood movie, they met under controversial circumstances. The Fifty Shades of Grey director was 42 and he was 18 when they first cast eyes on one another, but one year later they were engaged. 

Married for almost 10 years now, Sam, now 54, and Aaron, 30, have survived the prying eyes of Hollywood and are still going strong. 

Here’s a look back at how their love story unfolded. 

2008: Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson meet on the set of Nowhere Boy, a biopic based on the early life of John Lennon. Sam, then 42, directs the film and Aaron, then 18, is cast as The Beatles legend.

And while the couple feels instant chemistry during filming, they do not act on their feelings. Sam is in the midst of divorcing art mogul Jay Jopling, her husband of 11 years and father of her daughters, Angelica, now 24, and Jessie Phoenix, now 15.

“We were very professional through the entire film,” Aaron later tells Harper’s Bazaar in 2019. “No funny business at all.”

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But he does recall being drawn to Sam’s creativity and vividly remembers the first time they saw each other. 

“I remember it very, very clearly,” he told the magazine. “I know exactly what she was wearing. This white shirt that she still has, that I love. It definitely changed my life, though not in the way I expected.”

In Nowhere Boy, Sam’s daughters Angelica, then 15, and Jessie, then six, made cameos in the film as Lennon’s younger sisters.

September 2008: Sam and her husband, Jay Jopling, are officially divorced and soon she embarks on a relationship with Aaron. But it seems the actor was trying to woo his future bride even before her divorce was finalised. 

“As soon as we finished [filming], he told me he was going to marry me. We had never been on a date, or even kissed,” Sam recalls to Harper’s Bazaar.

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October 2009: Aaron follows through with his vow to make Sam his wife.

“A year to the minute after we met, exactly one year to the minute, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me,” he later reveals. 

The couple publicly announce their engagement at the premier of Nowhere Boy. Of the happy news, Aaron says their family and friends are “really lovely and supportive”, with Sam revealing, “They know how intensely we feel.”

While the road to engagement was short, the couple don’t actually marry until three years later. 

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January 2010: Three months after getting engaged, the couple’s rep announces the famous pair are expecting their first baby together. 

“We can confirm that Sam is pregnant with her and Aaron’s first child. Both are very, very happy,” their rep says in a statement at the time.

July 2010: The couple welcome their first baby together, a little girl they name Wylda Rae.   

“Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Wylda Rae, who was born yesterday, July 7, in London,” reads a statement from the couple.  

Aaron’s Kick-Ass co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse confirms the birth on Twitter.

“Crazier news. Aaron Johnson’s baby was born!! So exciting!” he tweets.

October 2010: Months after the birth, Sam tells Harper’s Bazaar that family was always on the agenda for her young partner. 

“Aaron, almost before anything started between us, said he wanted kids. He was very clear about wanting a family,” she says. 

The director also gives an insight into her new home life with Aaron, telling the publication the couple hardly go out and prefer quiet nights at home. 

“We hardly go out now, it’s just us. You know what I used to be like. Aaron has brought a set of values I didn’t even know I was looking for, family values,” she says.

“He is more grounded. He has been getting work offers which he has turned down because he wants to be here for the crucial beginning months of Wylda’s life.”

January 2012: The couple welcome their second child together, another baby girl. 

Romy Hero is born in London, where the couple live an £11-million townhouse (approx. $14 million) in Primrose Hill that they bought in 2009.

“Both mother and daughter are well,” reads a statement shared with People

The baby is Sam’s fourth daughter — she shares two with her ex-husband and now two with Aaron. 

June 2012: Three years and two children later, Sam and Aaron make their union official.

The couple marry in a church service in Somerset, England, before celebrating with family and friends at the town’s country retreat, Babington House. 

While the details are kept under wraps — a rep says in a statement, “There will be no further comment or detail released” — according to Hello! guests included Elton John and Beyoncé. 

The outlet also reports Sam’s gown was designed by Sarah Burton, the same designer who dressed Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, for the royal wedding in 2011.

2015: Following their wedding, Sam and Aaron officially change their surnames to the double-barrelled Taylor-Johnson.

Aaron later tells The Guardian that he wanted to take part of Sam’s surname because it was important to him.

He has even had to fight studios to have the double-barrelled surname appear in movie posters. While he lost the battle with bosses for the Savages poster in 2012 — it was too late for it to be altered — the actor put his foot down for the period drama Anna Karenina before it came out in late 2012. 

“I said, ‘I want it changed! This is important,'” he said after getting his way. “It felt beautiful. It felt right.” 

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2017: Sam gives a rare interview about the 23-year age gap between her and her husband. 

In a candid chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed director says the age gap is still an issue even almost 10 years on from when they started dating. 

“If I gave a second thought to other people, I would be the unhappiest person, probably still in a miserable marriage,” she says. “People like to talk about it. I’m like, ‘Yeah, but it works better than my last marriage.’ It’s lasted longer than a lot of my friends’ marriages.”

2019: The couple give their first joint interview with The Telegraph UK and reveal why their age gap doesn’t bother them.

“I knew instantly with Sam that I’d found my soulmate,” he tells the newspaper. “I knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person …  When I met Sam I’d already lived a life far beyond that of most of my contemporaries — I didn’t relate to anyone my age. I just feel that we’re on the same wavelength.”

Aaron says there’s not much he can do about the criticism surrounding their age gap, but he chooses to focus on their relationship and ignore the noise.

“All that is my personal life, it’s sacred to me and it’s beautiful. But there is a lot of negativity around from other people,” Aaron says. “That’s their problem and their issues and however they perceive life. I live my life to its fullest and I operate from my instincts and from my heart, and I try to be as open as possible.”

Sam feels the same way, saying, “I can’t dwell on what other people think or say. With Aaron it just literally felt like we were so connected, straight away. I didn’t know what it was then — we were connected when we were working and it was professional, and that connection grew more powerful as time went on and never diminished. And it’s the same today as it was then.”

2021: The couple continue to focus on their marriage and family. They now live in Los Angeles with their two daughters, Wylda Rae, 10, and Romy Hero. 

In March, it is announced Sam will once again direct her husband in the biopic Rothko, a film about beloved American painter Mark Rothko. The title role will be played by Russell Crowe

Back in 2018, Sam also directed her husband in the drama A Million Little Pieces. Watch the trailer above.

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Braunwyn Windham-Burke: Everything you should know about The Real Housewives of Orange County star

Braunwyn Windham-Burke made history last year when she became the first Real Housewives star to come out as gay.

The 42-year-old, who has been married to her husband Sean for over two decades, told GLAAD last year that she’d always known deep down that she was gay, but had never been comfortable enough to say it.

Here’s everything to know about Braunwyn Windham-Burke, her dating history, her husband, her seven kids, and how she came out.

Who was Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s girlfriend?

The Real Housewives of Orange County star introduced fans to her girlfriend Kris last December on the same day she came out as gay. However, reports claim the pair split earlier this month but are “still friendly”.

They began dating in the second half of last year, after apparently meeting on a dating app. Windham-Burke has said that Kris had spent time with her husband and kids.

“It’s only as weird as you make it,” she said. “I don’t know how we are making it all work right now, but we are.”

What happened with Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s husband?

Braunwyn and her husband, Sean, are still married after over 20 years together. They plan to remain together even now that she has come out as gay and is dating other people.

“Sean and I are still married, I plan on staying married,” she said in an interview with GLAAD. “I love Sean. I love him dearly, he is my person, he is my family. But I’m not attracted to men and I never have been.”

The couple share seven kids: Hazel, 2, Koa, 4, twins Caden and Curran, 7, Jacob, 15, Rowan, 18, and Bella, 20.

Earlier this year, when a fan asked on Instagram if she was “staying married” or “moving forward”, Braunwyn confirmed they were trying to maintain an open relationship.

“We are trying to do both,” she explained. “He’s my best friend and family. We know it might be impossible, but we’re going to try and make this ‘open’ marriage work.”

A month later, the reality star admitted that while Burke is allowed to date other women, she would be “heartbroken” if he were to fall in love with someone else.

“We’re working through this,” she shared. “We can’t figure this out on our own. This is a lot. We’re a little bit crazy, but this is hard and we’re working it out.”

“I am kind of a jealous person. Sean knows this, we talk about it in therapy,” she later added. “This is actually the biggest thing we’re working on in therapy.”

In another response, she said “We’ve been together since we were teenagers. I don’t know what life without him is like, and that scares me. That scares me a lot.”

How did Braunwyn Windham-Burke come out?

Windham-Burke came out in an interview with GLAAD, revealing it has taken her more than four decades to comfortably talk about it in public.

“I’m just now starting to feel like I’m becoming the woman I’m supposed to be,” she said. “I’ve always known it, but it took me, personally, 42 years to be comfortable in my own skin to say that.”

She said a producer on Real Housewives helped her begin to accept her truth, after there was a scene on the show where Braunwyn made out with another female cast member, Tamra.

“I had a scene with Tamra that everyone kind of talked about,” she said. “When we were getting ready for the reunion I was talking to a producer that I trust a lot, his name was James, and he said, ‘How do you feel about this? Was it a drunken mistake or is this a part of who you are?’ And I said, ‘This is who I am.'”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s relationship history

Braunwyn and her husband met when they were just teenagers. They began dating at the age of 18 and got married four years later.

The couple welcomed their first child, Bella, within the first year of their marriage, then they went on to have six more kids over the next two decades.

During the RHOC reunion in 2019, Braunwyn admitted she and Sean separated for a short time after she cheated on him and left him with their three kids.

She left and moved to Hawaii. “I told Sean I was done. I just didn’t want to be a single mom anymore. He traveled 25 days a month,” she admitted to Andy Cohen at the reunion.

After a few months apart, Sean flew down to Hawaii and re-proposed to Braunwyn –– he then quit his job and became a stay-at-home dad.

Braunwyn has revealed that when Sean turned 35, they decided to have a threesome, which ended up becoming a regular occurrence for the couple.

She came out to Sean during 2020’s COVID quarantine, which is when she met and started dating Kris. is Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s net worth?

The reality star reportedly has a net worth of about US$3 million (approx. $3.9 million).

She joined Real Housewives in 2019, and also runs a blog called Barefoot in Heels.

Her husband Sean is the current president of a business organisation called ChannelStars.

Are Tamra and Braunwyn still friends?

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Tamra Judge are no longer Real Housewives co-stars, but they remain as good friends as ever. Last December, after Braunwyn came out as gay, she thanked Tamra on Instagram as being one of the only Housewives to support her.

“Tamra has been the only person from RHOC that has been there for me, she knew I was sober and kept it to herself, she knew we were struggling with our daughter’s mental health issues and listened, she got me through a day that was so hard I was physically shaking.”

Tamra left the Real Housewives cast in 2020 after being on the show for 12 years.

Actress AnnaLynne McCord bravely opens up about dissociative identity disorder diagnosis: ‘All of my roles were splits’

Actress AnnaLynne McCord has bravely revealed she has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID). 

In a filmed session with brain disorder specialist Dr Daniel Amen, the 90210 star said it was her work as an actress that helped doctors determine she had DID, a mental disorder previously known as multiple personality disorder. 

McCord — who starred in the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off for five seasons — said it was during hiatus of filming the teen drama that she felt something was off. While working on a side project, the 2012 horror movie Excision, McCord said her disorder was triggered and she fell into a dark place.  

“All of my roles were splits, but I didn’t even realise I was doing it at all until I did a project … during my hiatus,” she told Dr Amen. “I played a very cerebral, disturbed, strange little girl that was very close to who I feel I am on the inside. It was very exposing, very confronting, probably a bit re-traumatising without realising it.

“The crazy thing about it was that I wrapped that film at 2am on a Tuesday and had to be happy, crazy Beverly Hills blonde bombshell on Wednesday at noon. I couldn’t find her — she was not accessible. I was dark, I was very deep into this character Pauline, and I couldn’t get [out].”

Looking back, the actress said she only became “co-conscious” of her split personality at aged 13, when she felt a personality she called “Little Anna” taking over. 

“She was a balls to the wall, middle fingers to the sky, anarchist from hell who will stab you with the spike ring that she wears, and you’ll like it,” she said. “Then she’ll make you lick the blood from it. She was a nasty little creature, but I have so much gratitude to her because she got me out of the hell that I was in.”

Dr Amen then gently brought up McCord’s past rape ordeal as a teenager and following post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while asking the star if this contributed to her memory loss.

“I don’t have anything until around [age] 5. Then from 5 to 11, I recount incidents throughout,” she said. “Then when I was 13, I have a singled-out memory that was one thing, but I don’t have the sense of anything else at that time.”

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, call 000.

Oscar attendees will not wear face masks during telecast

The Academy is not asking Oscar attendees to wear face masks while cameras are rolling during the live ceremony on April 25.

The news was announced on Monday morning during a Zoom meeting with Academy reps and nominees, and studio and personal publicists. Because the ceremony — being held at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles — is being treated as a TV/film production, masks are not required for people on camera, an Academy staffer explained.

However, when guests are not on camera, they are being asked to wear masks. For example, masks should be put on during commercial breaks.

The Academy also revealed that audience capacity will be limited to 170 people. As Variety first reported earlier this month, audience members will be rotated in and out of the ceremony. Upon arrival to Union Station, nominees will receive a personalised itinerary that outlines what times they will be rotated in and out.

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Oscars co-producer Steven Soderbergh remained mum on face-mask protocol during a press conference with co-producers Jesse Collins and Stacey Sher. He said on Saturday that masks would play “a very important role in the story”.

“If that’s cryptic, it’s meant to be,” he added. “That topic is very central to the narrative.”

The meeting included a detailed walk-through of what attendees should expect at Union Station. A temperature check will be mandatory. Attendees must also take at least three COVID tests in the days leading up to the ceremony.

An abbreviated red carpet will include three photographers and a limited number of press outlets doing interviews, including ABC News, KABC and E! International outlets will be from Japan, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Australia. There will be at least seven feet between reporters and interviewees.

In addition to virtual press-conference style interviews backstage, winners will have the opportunity to do virtual interviews with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for Live With Kelly and Ryan as well as Lara Spencer of Good Morning America.

Jim Steinman, songwriter for Meat Loaf, Celine Dion and more, dies at 73

Jim Steinman, the composer, lyricist and record producer who worked with artists like Meat Loaf, Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler and more, died Monday, the Connecticut state medical examiner confirmed to Variety. He was 73.

Steinman’s work appeared in a multitude of genres, such as adult contemporary, rock, dance and pop, in addition to musical theatre and film scores.

He composed rock singer Meat Loaf’s debut album Bat Out of Hell in 1977, which is one of the best-selling albums of all time with more than 50 million copies sold around the world. Steinman collaborated with Meat Loaf on the singer’s 1981 album Dead Ringer, served as composer/producer on his 1993 album Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell and composed his 2016 Braver Than We Are album.

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In 1996, Steinman wrote the lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Whistle Down the Wind. The show premiered at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. and opened in London’s West End in 1998. It has been revived several times and toured around the world.

Bat Out of Hell got the musical treatment in 2017. Steinman wrote all of the songs, most of which were featured in Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album trilogy. He also worked on the soundtracks for Shrek 2, the musical Tanz der Vampire, the comedy Rude Awakening, the musical More Than You Deserve and more.

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Some of the popular songs Steinman composed include Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Barry Manilow’s Read ‘Em and Weep’, Air Supply’s ‘Making Love Out of Nothing at All’, Celine Dion’s version of ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’.

Kim Kardashian gets sister Kourtney Kardashian’s age wrong in her birthday card

Kim Kardashian’s birthday card to Kourtney Kardashian may have needed a quick fact check!

Kourtney, who recently celebrated her 42nd birthday, shared a photo of Kim getting her age wrong in her message.

“So Kim thinks I’m 41,” Kourtney, 42, said in her Instagram Story. “I guess last year really didn’t count.”

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Kim, 40, replied to the error on her own Instagram, writing, “My bad,” with a face-palm emoji.

The SKIMS founder also shared a lengthy message to her sister on the special occasion, with several photos of them from over the years.

“Happy Birthday to my Armenian Queen @kourtneykardash! The person on this planet I’ve known the longest! The person that will try any beauty treatment with me LOL about Kourt…There’s NO ONE like you!” Kim captioned her Instagram post.

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She continued, “You always know what you want in this life and will never conform to what others ideals are and I admire that so much! You always stick up for what’s right and have become the best therapist a girl could ask for! I love you too the end of time and beyond! Have the best birthday, you deserve it all!!!”

Kourtney’s new boyfriend Travis Barker also penned a loving tribute to his girlfriend on the special occasion.

“I F—ING LOVE YOU!,” Barker, 45, captioned a slideshow of images of the couple. “YOU’RE A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @kourtneykardash.”

Kim also shared a video of an extravagant arrangement of white tulips on the floor of Kourtney’s home, with a hanging installation of gardenias from her boyfriend.

“Ok, I just walked into the most gorgeous flower arrangement. You can smell the entire house,” Kim said in an Instagram clip. “This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Downton Abbey 2 hitting theatres in December with the original cast returning

Lord and Lady Grantham request the pleasure of moviegoers’ company at their Yorkshire country estate this Christmas.

Rejoice, Downton Abbey fans, because Focus Features will shoot a sequel to the hit movie, itself a spinoff of the long-running television series. The original principal cast will all once again return for the second film, which began production last week and is set to release on December 22, 2021.

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Gareth Neame’s Carnival Films will co-produce the picture. In addition to the original cast, Hugh Dancy (Hannibal), Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy), Nathalie Baye (Catch Me If You Can) and Dominic West (The Wire) will join the festivities, providing viewers with a heavily romanticised view of the good old English class system along with a healthy dollop of real-estate envy.

Downton creator Julian Fellowes will once again write the film’s screenplay, with Emmy and BAFTA Award winner Neame and Emmy Award-winning Liz Trubridge back to produce alongside him. Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) will direct the sequel.

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The initial film followed a royal visit to the Crawley family and Downton staff from the King and Queen of England. It’s unclear if another distinguished personage will visit the estate, sending staff and family into a dither and providing an opportunity for a few well-timed bon mots courtesy of Maggie Smith’s Lady Violet.

Neame, the film’s producer and executive chairman of Carnival Films, said that follow-up was the perfect antidote to a terrible year and change.

“After a very challenging year with so many of us separated from family and friends, it is a huge comfort to think that better times are ahead and that next Christmas we will be reunited with the much-beloved characters of Downton Abbey,” he said.

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Focus Features chairman Peter Kujawski also focused on the restorative pleasures of a return to Downton.

“There’s no place like home for the holidays, and we can’t imagine a better gift than getting to reunite with Julian, Gareth, and the entire Downton family in 2021 to bring the Crawley’s back home for their fans,” he said.

The Kingsmen guitarist Mike Mitchell dies at 77

Mike Mitchell, who was the lead guitarist of The Kingsmen, has died at 77. He was behind one of the most famous guitar solos on the track ‘Louie Louie’.

The Kingsmen drummer Dick Peterson confirmed to Rolling Stone that Mitchell had “peacefully passed away.” No cause of death has been revealed.

“We are deeply saddened by Mike’s passing. He was the kindest and most generous man on the planet,” Peterson said in a statement.

“For the past 57 years, we have been playing colleges, fairs, and festivals, vintage car shows and rock n’ roll shows throughout the USA. Mike is irreplaceable, and he will be greatly missed not only by us but the fans as well. Mike was a favourite for his comedic nature as well as his musicianship.”

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The Kingsmen formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1959. The band included Peterson, Barry Curtis and Norm Sundholm. Mitchell performed with the band for 62 years and was the last founding member to perform with the group.

The band’s biggest hit was ‘Louie Louie’ which flew to the top of the US charts and enjoyed six non-consecutive weeks at No. 2 on the Hot 100. Listen above!

When the song was first released, the police investigated it due to its obscene lyrics. Ultimately, they decided the song was “unintelligible at any speed.”

The controversy also saw the track banned in the state of Indiana.

Artists like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Iggy Pop all released covers of the famous song.

Kate Winslet says it’s ‘great’ no one knows that actress Mia Threapleton, 20, is her daughter

Kate Winslet has opened up about her daughter Mia Threapleton’s acting career.

The 45-year-old Titanic actress shares 20-year-old Mia with her first husband, Jim Threapleton, a film director.

Speaking with Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine, Winslet expressed her pride in her daughter’s acting career and explained that Mia’s roles were completely of her own merit, as due to their differing surnames, casting agents have no idea that they are related.

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“What’s great for her is she has a different surname so she slipped under the radar and the people who cast her didn’t know she was my daughter,” she said.

“That was important for her self-esteem of course.”

Winslet said that she “always suspected” that Mia would go into acting, so it was no surprise when “she turned around and said ‘I’d like to give it a go.'”

According to her mother, Mia is currently in the Czech Republic working on a television series.

READ MORE: Kate Winslet says gay actors fear coming out will destroy their careers: ‘I can think of at least four’

Winslet was married to film director Mia’s father from 1998 to 2001.

Shortly after their split, Winslet married film director Sam Mendes in 2003. They share a 17-year-old son, Joe, and split in 2011.

The Contagion actress is now married to Edward Abel Smith and the couple welcomed their now seven-year-old son, Bear Blaze Winslet, together in 2013.

READ MORE: Kate Winslet admits that starring in Contagion prepared her for the coronavirus pandemic: ‘People thought I was crazy’

Mia debuted in tinsel town last year with Ireland-based post-apocalyptic thriller drama Shadows, where she played a teen coming of age in a world where, in order to survive, one must avoid contact with daylight and its shadows.

Speaking of the film with Variety, the starlet said that Shadows was the first film she had auditioned for, and the first script she had ever been given to read.

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“I couldn’t believe my luck,” the legacy said. “I read it and didn’t put it down, which is admitting a lot because I’m dyslexic and that means I have to read slowly and steadily to be able to absorb things fully sometimes.”

Winslet is currently doing promotion for her new crime drama television show Mare Of Easttown.

In the series, she plays Mare Sheehan, a Pennsylvania-based detective rushing to solve the murder of a young mother as well as trying to find out why the number of missing women in her town is growing.

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Marvel drops trailer for first Asian superhero movie, Shang-Chi, starring Simu Liu

The first trailer for Marvel‘s upcoming movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been revealed on star Simu Liu’s birthday.

On Monday night, Liu gifted Marvel fans the first look at the Shang-Chi poster and his superhero costume.

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“Whoever said that you could only RECEIVE presents on your birthday? Today, I’m giving you your FIRST LOOK at the teaser poster for ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,'” Liu wrote on Twitter last night, which was also his birthday.

Shortly after, Marvel Studios gave Liu a present of his own, with the first trailer of his movie.

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Shang-Chi will make history as the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to centre on an Asian lead and with an Asian filmmaking team.

Destin Daniel Cretton (Just Mercy) is director and David Callaham is screnwriter (Wonder Woman 1984).

Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Ronny Chieng, Tony Leung, Fala Chen, Meng’er Zhang and Florian Munteanu round out the cast.

READ MORE: Russell Crowe scores role in Thor: Love and Thunder

The movie will revisit the classic Marvel villain, the Mandarin, who was portrayed in Iron Man 3 by Ben Kinsgley.

However, that Mandarin turned out to be an actor, and Leung is now set to play the sinister villain, who gains mystical powers from 10 magical rings, like the title suggests.

Shang-Chi was originally scheduled to release in February 2021, but, like many films during the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed several times to May, July and finally September 3, 2021.

Black Widow, the delayed standalone film starring Scarlet Johansson, will release in theatres and on Disney Plus on July 9.

By Jordan Moreau for Variety.

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Full House star Candace Cameron Bure’s son Lev, 21, calls off engagement after eight months

The son of actress Candace Cameron Bure has called off his engagement eight months after popping the question.

During an interview with Us Weekly, the Full House star revealed 21-year-old Lev Bure — who she shares with former NHL star Valeri Bure — will not be marrying his fiancée, Taylor Hutchison. 

“Sorry, you didn’t get the memo?” the actress joked. “We didn’t make an announcement, but yeah, he’s no longer getting married.”

The couple first announced their engagement in August 2020 in California’s Napa Valley after more than one year of dating — and Candace was one of the first to congratulate the pair.

“She said YES!!! Last night my son @levvbure proposed to beautiful @taylorrhutchison,” the actress wrote on Instagram alongside several photos from the engagement. “We are SO excited for these cuties.

“And this mama/mama-in-love can’t wait for wedding planning shenanigans.”

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But sadly there will be no wedding planning now that the nuptials have been called off. 

“It was a mutual decision, so nobody’s upset and heartbroken,” Candace explained, adding that her son was doing “great” despite the breakup. 

In a previous interview with Us Weekly, the 45-year-old actress said she supported her son’s choice to get engaged at a young age as she herself was married at 20 years old. 

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“We love them unconditionally,” she said of the engagement news. “We will want to be a part of [their] lives, want to be a part of the grandkids’ lives. I don’t want to do anything to rock the boat. I just want to be there to support.”

Candace and Valerie share two other children: Natasha, 22, and Maksim, 19. The former child star and the hockey pro will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in June this year.  

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