JoJo Siwa reveals historic ‘Dancing with the Stars’ moment almost didn’t happen

Former Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa has opened up about her reality TV fame, including that ground-breaking appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Appearing on Weekend Today with mother Jessalynn, the teen spoke about their upcoming new talent search reality series, Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, and achieving international success.

The mother-daughter duo spoke excitedly about the new show, centred around the creation of pop group XOMG POP!.

Speaking with Richard Wilkins, JoJo said the production process was “an absolute blast, and now watching it is an absolute blast.”

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This is the second time the mother-daughter duo have been able to work on a TV show together since Dance Moms, and Jessalyn told Wilkins, “As a mum getting to spend 10 hours a day with JoJo is the best thing ever and honestly just doing what we love… it could not have been a better situation for us”.

The 18-year-old also shared insight into her time on the reality series Dancing With The Stars, and how a certain historic moment almost didn’t happen.

JoJo revealed that when she was initially offered the gig she was meant to be filming another project and had to turn down the opportunity.

In a twist of fate, the project fell through, and she remembers saying, “I immediately was like ‘call Dancing with the Stars back’ — any other project we were supposed to have I said ‘Cancel it’ I wanna do this!”

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JoJo, a member of the LGBTIQA+ community, made history as the first contestant to dance in a same-sex couple.

“It was so important to me” she said. “When there was an opportunity for me to dance with another female, I knew what that would do for the world.”

“My partner became my best friend and my partner and I got to make some magical numbers together.”

Siwas Dance Pop Revolution is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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