Twitter is loving Lady Gaga’s Hunger Games look at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Lady Gaga performed an incredible rendition of the US National Anthem at the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday, but it was her Hunger Games-style outfit that has everybody talking.

The 34-year-old hitmaker wore a beautiful black turtleneck dress, with a voluminous red skirt, adorned with a gold dove brooch that resembled a Mockingjay, the Hunger Games franchise symbol.

She tweeted of the brooch, “A dove carrying an olive branch. May we all make peace with each other.”

And fans loved it.

“Lady Gaga serving some Hunger Games symbolism is exactly what I needed today,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Lady Gaga said: ‘Capitol? Say no more fam’ and pulled out her Hunger Games mood board,” tweeted another.

See more hilarious reactions below.